The ultimate Integrated Qualification Quest

Such opportunity is offered to those who are active in the field of Security education, who understand that there is Never an End to advancement and training and whose Professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the attempt to acquire as wide a range of knowledge as possible.


Start your career upgrade with the most comprehensive “Israeli Security Bible”, A unique instruction manual with over 4000 pages of practical and proven literature that has been developed and still goes through reform constantly with time and situations.


Continue your Career upgrade quest after your study of the “Israeli Security Bible”, if you are interested to share additional security expertise within a frame of an exciting international training group of mates arriving from various countries worldwide. ISA – ISRAEL and all the Multinational group members wish to share their unique expertise needed for a Chief of Security for better coping with Homeland security issues.


International security industry future trend and requirements

Criminals, separatists, fundamentalists and Terrorists are always trying to capitalize on the advancement of growing nations. These countries are striving to achieve economic development through foreign investment; however, a significant lack of secure and safe conditions prevents and even jeopardizes economic developments and corporate expansion. Creating an increasing need for services related to the protection of assets and VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, people with sensitive knowledge, and facilities holding sensitive or valuable materials and assets.

While businesses and government policy are evolving to fit the modern globalized international environment, the threats of both violent crime and terrorism have followed suit and have also become globalized. This has caused countries, companies and organizations worldwide to re-establish themselves to fill the void in the security field.

Security has taken the forefront in international, governmental and corporate strategies and the need for qualified protection and security specialists, consultants and advisers are paramount. Both governments and private companies are developing methods and tactics to stay one-step ahead of these threats and these professionals are the key to success in doing so.

There is a growing tendency for the authorities to transfer public security missions traditionally held by law enforcement to private security companies / organizations, endowing them with the responsibility for the public’s safety now more than ever before.

With the increase in the amount and scope of threats, businesses, the public, the state and other bodies realize that in our times the job of the Chief of Security is crucial for the success of any organization.

The Chief of Security has numerous responsibilities and though his actions will depend on the character, activities and location of the organization he will work for, his job will always inevitably involve detecting the weak points of the organization and securing them. His duty is to prevent any harm to his organization through all means placed at his disposal.

In view of the new threat environment, many countries worldwide are entering in a process of upgrading their professional security requirements and will no doubt review their regulations, implement and enforce the CHIEF OF SECURITY as a mandatory post in various organizations and companies.

Each state “regulator” can be expected to exert and exact greater demand from the person in that post, and it may not be good enough merely being an ex-military or an ex-police officer. These key personnel will need major security and professional upgrades to mitigate and overcome the potential threat in each one of our homelands.

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