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Mission Statement

Elite personnel should take the lead for the Global economic recovery & raise up!

The Homeland Security Reality & Future trends!2024-02-17T13:21:34+00:00


The Homeland Security concerns and responsibilities are of each country’s law enforcement entities, that start to involve each of its local Civilian Security Industry as the law enforcement’s “Auxiliary force” in particularly challenging operations such as:

  • Since the end of the 20stCentury, we experienced a growing tendency by official authorities to involve and transfer more responsibilities for public security missions to the Civilian Security Industry (security companies / organizations), responsibilities traditionally held in the past by law enforcement sectors or various emergency service’s providers.
  • Today, these responsibilities already involved the Civilian Security Industry also in very challenging operations such as: Violent crime prevention and confrontations with armed robberies encounters and its possible effects later on.
  • Enforcing & operating restrictions everywhere, Assets Protection & Guarding, Violent crime prevention, Personal Protection of various persons, which eventually become Protegees, and confrontations with armed robberies encounters and its effects later.
  • Due to the expected high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government, it may initiate a major transformation in the civilian Security Industry.
  • This trend follows also various regulatory requirements and upgrades by the government’s desire for a more efficient security apparatus and safer public environment.
  • Many countries worldwide are entering a process of upgrading their professional security requirements and will no doubt review their regulations, implement, and enforce the security studies for Civilian Security practitioners as a mandatory for the most important security posts in various organizations and companies.
  • Each state “regulator” should be expected to exert and exact greater demand from the person in that position, and it may not be good enough merely being an ex-military or a police officer. These personnel will need major security and professional upgrades to mitigate and overcome the potential threat in each one of the newborn homeland’s security issues or encounters.

Economic impacts

  • The recent massive demographic changes in the world, and of course the impacts of the war in Ukraine, in Israel, including the tense atmosphere resulting of that religious conflicts are bringing with it already cultural and religious conflicts that are followed by violence everywhere around the world.
  • We know that to stay ahead of these conflicts, the entire civilian population needs to be more aware and better prepared for today’s “modern”catastrophes, violence, and terrorizing encounters.
  • This situation created and forced countries to rely more on Local service solutions in various needed domains including Security & Safety.
  • Each Local Civil security market is adjusting these days to various needed changes when serving and protecting foreigner residents, investors visiting looking for business opportunities and of course their own” Upper-class population”.
  • Lack of the right attitude and the awareness of the required protection and the necessary security measures overseas or out of the region boundaries is creating an unsafe overall atmosphere, and unsafe conditions for the business activities of entrepreneurs thus negatively impacting business development.
  • These miserable security conditions or the lack of security, are drastically slowing down and preventing the necessary overseas presence of entrepreneurs from all countries worldwide to pursue their business affairs, to seek development and expansion.
  • If it is in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, CIS,or Latin America and work even in northern Africa, which traditionally used to be a European-oriented economy.
  • With this increase in the amount and the scope of threats, businesses, public, state or other bodies realize that in our times the protection services provided by security companies are crucial for the success of any organization trying to develop in these continents.

Security, therefore, has taken the forefront in international, governmental, and corporate strategies and the need for qualified Protection Consultants, Advisers and Specialists is paramount. Both governments and private companies are developing methods and tactics to stay one step ahead of these threats and the role of these professionals is the key to success in doing so.

The Global Security Industry should take the lead for the Global economic raise up!

For assisting the growing trend to continue and help develop the International Security Industry we should fill the void by providing more employment and attractive career opportunities in the regular Civil Security Sector also to veterans of various military, law enforcement establishments and PMC personnel worldwide.

In order to empower and to encourage the economy’s entrepreneurs’ activities worldwide, We the Security Executives in the various Security and Protection sectors, must also improve ourselves and accumulate as much expertise, functional capacities, and trust of being able for providing to these entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations, better secure, safer conditions, and stable atmosphere even Beyond the boundaries of their home region or country.

ELITE PROTECTION PERSONNEL2024-02-22T08:34:39+00:00

The Modern “Musketeer”, “Biaoshi”, “Kshatriyas” or “Samurai” of the 21st Century



  • We all know that in modern democratic society, public bodies, economic companies, media, cultural, entertainment and industrial organizations and others are managed by Senior Executives/Decisions Makers. These Executives are symbols of power and wealth. Their high position places them in the public eye and media attention, and, as a result, they are liable to become Protegees targeted by both individuals and groups (competitors, terrorist and crime organizations, mentally unstable individuals, etc.).
  • Today,the massive changes that globalization has brought to all areas of life has also created grave concerns for both personal safety and the protection of investments located in critical areas around the globe. These specially trained and highly skilled personnel are hired to protect individuals or assets of organizations that operate in High-Risk environments or may face violent crime or Terrorism encounters.
  • The need for qualified Protection Operatives capable of providing services related to the protection of assets (sensitive installations) and Protegees /VIPs such as: experts, engineers, journalists, UN employees and even cargo ship’s crews has increased tremendously.
  • Unfortently, many of the VIPs/Executives often refrain from using protection services because of the lack of reliable, efficient, and professional services. As a result, many of them take unnecessary risks, not only for themselves and their organizations but also for their families, employees.The lack of sufficient secure and safe conditions/atmosphere for these VIPs/Executives prevents or reduces opportunities for economic development for the entire society.

    “This is not merely an idea,It’s the reality of the social and Global evolution”

  • A few hundred years ago in the western world there were those who chose to serve in the protection of their employers, and they were called “Musketeers”. In Asia, they were known as “Samurai” or “Biaushi” in China or “Kshatriyas” in India. No matter what they were called, all knew the definition of their profession and their duties:

    to keep their Protégé’s secure and safe wherever they went.

    Many romantic stories and legends were told about these unique individuals and in most of these stories they were described as the bravest of warriors, heroes, or supermen. This profession created an aura around those who chose to specialize and live by the rules of the field. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.

  • In the 21st century, those who deal with the protection of their employers are called Bodyguards, Close Protection, and VIP/Executive Protection specialists, more recently, they have been called PSD Operators and Personal Security Details/Detachments because of their deployment in High-risk zones in team which have become known as the most dangerous areas for VIPs (not necessary heads of state).

  • Due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government to the civilian workforce, this specialized field of Personal protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. countries, companies, and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field.

  • For years Women in positions of Female VIP Protection operatives are being sought after by Protegees to protect their families – wives and children 24/7 as priority, and themselves secondly if in High-Risk threat situations, when team is mandatory.
  • Female celebrities are very keen on the use of other females as bodyguards, as it is also a means of expressing their support of women’s empowerment. Especially due do to the fact that the Personal Protection sector has been a male-dominated field, there is a void posed by the absence of women in the field from which female clients can pick from.

  • Most VIP’s that are from various religions including cultural and diverse nationalities, are requiring female professionals for the protection of their wives and families.

  • Male bodyguards in a protection team consider their female counterparts as the ‘Secret Weapon’ of the strategic and tactical professional protection team! This sector gave society a few norms of behavior that gained high respect and honor from its communities. These specially trained and highly skilled personnel are hired to protect individuals or assets of organizations that operate in High-Risk environments or face High risk threats to their Protegees.

    Our vision & Contribution

    We should take the lead for the Global economic recovery & raise up!

  • The “Modern Samurai” Females & Males operatives of the 21st Century are those to improve by their knowledge, expertise, functional capacities, and trust the needed protection services to these entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations, to be better secure, safer conditions, and stable atmosphereeven Beyond the boundaries of their home region or country.

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Our recommendation to security companies’ operators2024-02-22T05:59:07+00:00

In today’s Civilian competitive security services’ market, it’s more important than ever to offer high-quality and innovative approach that can set you apart from the competition.

You should act for improving your own service’s provision performance by:

  1. Upgrade your employee’s operation skills and capacities to a higher standard.
  2. Operate well-qualified and proficient ELITE Protection Males and a Females.
  3. Equip your employees with the most up to date existing technologies,

These are the today’s “Game changer factors” to reach prosperity and success in each of the local security markets!

The lack of sufficient secure and safe conditions/atmosphere for these VIPs/Executives prevents or reduces opportunities for development for the entire society.
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