1. Our multinational instruction team will train, qualify & certify trainees, that will train, empower & prepare their own entire community!
  2. Our team will share Exclusive and Unprecedented Qualifications’ Secrets!
  3. A preparatory training that is geared towards enhancing the participants` ability to protect themselves and their families. Through professional and simple training, they will attain a level of self-defense and response abilities that will save lives when
  4. To improve the mental and physical abilities of our trainees for better coping and better functioning in situations resulting from violent crimes, terrorism threats or strikes, and various catastrophes occurring in our modern
  5. To introduce the Israeli Protection concepts, methods & tactics
  6. To introduce the Israeli Tactical response concepts, methods to violent attacks

Requirements for participation in the training LEVEL 1

  1. The candidate should be between the ages – 21-50 (exceptions are possible).
  2. You have reasonable physical fitness + written authorization from physician stating you are fit mentally & physically to participate in such activities.
  3. Letter intention from trainee for activities after graduation.