1. Distance/Online (self-study – country of origin) Priorjoining the practical stages
  2. Practical qualification completion (Multinational’s training group) – GERMANY!


Stage 1 – 2 intensive weeks in an international group training!
Stage 2 – 1 Practical internship to train new civilian women trainees – 5 weeks!


 The participants will:

  • Experience a deep, sustainable genuine change with preparedness for future
  • Possess a solid proactive sense, “take-charge” mode, and strong personal visions that serve as life guidance in decision making process.
  • Have supreme confidence, high self-esteem, and a lucid state of
  • Get steadfast improvement to function under pressure mentally and
  • Feel renewed and will experience personal growth and be highly
  • Improve self-control; be able to mitigate and overcome any intimidations which typically appear in modern society.
  • Discover and sustain their personal inner
  • Discover and develop their leadership skills based on their inner strength!
  • Can deploy the inner strength based on small team assignments.
  • Understand the advantages of leadership.
  • Know, Understand, evaluate, and practice the right leadership style and methods we need to apply for each of the situation we may face in the 21st century.