By broadcasting this documentary worldwide, we:

  1. We will create an alternative, original TV Documentary that will focus on local and international security issues from all over the globe.
  2. We wish to attract attention of the entire population and the civil security industry/security companies to promote the importance of gender equality to that domain.
  3. Encourage the audience to improve and enhance their mental and physical abilities for better skilled functioning, and more expertise in coping with situations that may result from acts of violent crime and terrorism nationwide.
  4. Spark the audience’s feelings of national pride and build up more respect within the countries’ populations in order to support the contestant’s activities in taking part for the quest of excellence and professionalism, in an entertaining and positive way.
  5. “Open a window” for the entire community to catch a glimpse of a domain that is usually shrouded in mystery
    and secrecy.
  6. Expose and familiarization to the audiance with specific qualities demanded from these anonymous “Modern Samurai Females”, such as mental and physical toughness and many more other human qualities.
  7. Develop awareness, understanding, and recognition for the contribution and vitality of ELITE protection operatives active in classic Personal protection in general. Also, to those ELITE protection operatives active in high-risk protection, in the struggle against violent crime and terrorism throughout the world.
  8. Encourage profesional and high qualified ELITE protection operatives to become more involved and influential in the protection field in their own areas.
  9. Share with colleagues of their own country a unique professional pro-active methodology and an Israeli-style expertise directly from the world’s homeland security Qualification laboratory.

Broadcasted Online worldwide!