Will be Handled by:

Qualified, Prepared & Certified by ISA – ISRAEL!

The ultimate qualification quest for:
Better Operating of a proficient Security & Protection Array including
Familiarization for reducing, overcoming the existing New Technologic threats,
used in the 21st Century.



In order to empower and to encourage the economy’s entrepreneurs’ activities worldwide, We the Security Executives in the various Security and Protection sectors, must also improve ourselves and accumulate as much expertise, functional capacities, and trust of being able for providing to these entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations, better securesafer conditions, and stable atmosphere even Beyond the boundaries of their home region or country.

Dear Security & Protection service provider, in today’s Civilian competitive security services’ market, it’s more important than ever to offer high-quality and innovative approach that can set you apart from the competition.

You should act for improving your own service’s provision performance by:

  1. Upgrade your employee’s operation skills and capacities to a higher standard.
  2. Operate well-qualified and proficient ELITE Protection Males and a Females.
  3. Equip your employees with the most up to date existing technologies

These are the today’s “Game changer factors” to reach prosperity and success in each local security market!

Program Introduction

The objective of this qualification quest is to prepare a new cadre of ELITE Protection professionals who will steer the Private Security Industry through the hostile times ahead. The times that have been a result of the pandemic, loss of economic opportunities, increase in crime, Political polarization, sophistication in modus operandi and the lack of preparedness on our end to mitigate them all.

Below explained is the process in brief of how this program will be executed together, by ISA-Israel and its partners in the coming months. The said program will be transforming its participants using the content form the Israeli Security Doctrine, Elite & Unique Training Methodologies, and The Mental & Physical Preparedness ISA-Israel has built since 1987.

The recommended process

The recommended qualification process for a participant to become an ELITE Close/Protection Professional is set to be 3-7 weeks.

These 3-7 weeks will melt the metal of its participants and re-engineer them into elements who can Deter, Identify, mitigate most security threats (in that order) that we have faced so far.

This process is shared in brief in the pages ahead. Feel free to revert for any queries that you might have on the Process, and we will be happy to discuss/explain.


  • VIP/Close Protection operation
  • Counter Terrorism awareness
  • Maritime Security
  • Aviation Security
  • Sensitive Installations Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Valuables transportation Security
  • HR Protection Operations


Special Qualification Quest
Online / Distance + Practical Completion  
Takes Your Career to The Next Level



VIP/Close Protection Classic
(Single operation)

3 weeks

VIP/Close Protection Operative


VIP/Close Protection Classic + High Risk Team operation +
Management & Leadership

4 weeks “Mobil drilling training”

Elite Protection Team Leader

Security Qualification Quest

A robust security setup is not about technology or sophistication of weapons.
It’s the strength that is packed into the human element that doesn’t accept defeat.

What is so special about this Qualification Quest?

  • The participants in our international training groups are arriving from various countries worldwide.
  • The program will give the participants the opportunity to obtain the ultimate Israeli professional qualification and expertise.
  • The training system will enable the participants to test their fitness and ability to work in the Protection field in general and in the VIP/Close Protection field in particular.
  • The qualification system will give the participants or their employers a prognosis, to provide satisfaction, and avoid unnecessary expense caused by those who may achieve low scores in the preparatory stage of the ELITE Qualification quest.
  • The achievements and benefits in each session of the program will encourage the participants to progress further and complete the whole qualification process.
  • The education system will strengthen the participants for each consecutive session.
  • The training combines theoretical (ONLINE) and practical training methods Incorporation of special training methods for development of the participant’s self- confidence and reaction capabilities under high stress situations are a definite feature.
  • Coordination of subjects that develop, Quick ThinkingInitiative, and Motivation.
  • The Multinational aspect of our training’s groups assist in networking, an aspect that after graduation assists participants to manage and develop their professional careers individually.

Close Protection is about SILENCE.
Reconnaissance, Arrival, Stay & Departure must be as quiet as one must get.

Designated for:


  • Women and men security practitioners


  • women and men, former protection qualification/service experience in the security industry or police/army background.
  • Candidates that have any former protection qualification certificate issued by any certified security training providers will be very welcome and encouraged to join us.
  • The candidate should be in reasonable physical fitness + written authorization from physician stating you are fit to participate in physical activities.
  • These specialized courses are highly regulated by Defense Ministry of the State of Israel and by the Homeland Security Ministry.
  • No criminal record certificate from your local police.
  • Letter of intention from trainee for activities after graduation

Such opportunity is offered to those who are active in the field of Security education, who understand that there is Never an End to advancement and training and whose Professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the attempt to acquire as wide a range of knowledge as possible.

We offer to join us for sharing with you our expertise for supporting your efforts to upgrading Mental, Physical Empowerment and Preparation for your entire communities (youth, women, and men) for better functioning and coping with violent crime and terrorism encounters.

To obtain this objective we have freed ourselves of all barriers, Such as Religion, Language, Political Conflicts, etc.

The special qualification quest training will start with:

  1. Coordinate an Interview
  2. Enrollment + payment
  3. Guided Self preparatory Trainings.

To prepare those enrolled into the program for what is to come in the 7 weeks Practical Qualification quest. The process will include general interviews of candidates (Online), aptitude tests, basic training, and physical ability development guidance to make sure we invest our instructions in the right candidate.

The registered candidates will get access and will need to study the most comprehensive ISA-Israel’s “Security Bible” prior to starting the PRACTICAL Stages.

It is A unique instruction manual with over 4000 pages of practical and proven security literature that has been developed and that still goes through reform constantly with time and situations.