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Security awareness and preparatory training

The recent massive demographic changes in Europe are bringing with it cultural and other conflicts that follow with violent events everywhere in Europe. We are trying to advise the entire civilian population that everyone needs to be more aware and better prepared for today’s “modern” catastrophes, violence and terrorist encounters.

I am sure you, like many others in your country are witnessing with great concern and anger the recent security crisis occurring in Europe and of course your country is not exempt.

We offer the ultimate knowledge, instruction concepts and methods.  These methods have been accumulated and developed in Israel and we use them to mentally and physically empower the entire Israeli population. Most of the Jewish youth living in other countries worldwide have also been empowered by these methods and use them for improving their functions and this allows them to mitigate and even overcome such violent encounters.

Israel’s secret weapon has, and always will be, our entire society’s strength; and more precisely, the education, training and preparation of Israelis that have defeated and mitigated violent crime and terrorism, and have helped and will continue to help bring a healthy economy and high living standards to our country’s population.

Do not let anyone make you the victim !!!

By failing to prepare, YOU are preparing to fail!!!

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