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I want to say a big thank you to all the  coaching staff of ISA – Israel. You are great professionals of your business!

You have changed me for the better, dramatically transforming me externally and internally, revealing my physical data, inner strength, strengthening me psychologically, greatly expanding my professional qualities and instilling new ones.  I got a huge baggage of professional skills, knowledge and skills that really work and help me in my activities and everyday life.

My leadership is very  highly appreciates me as a professional. And I also got good friends and a family that always supports me and helps me in everything and it’s a great honor for me. I am very proud that I have the honor to study at this academy, I am proud to have the honor to study with such highly qualified professionals, I am very proud that on my way I met such a great person as Nir David and Mirza David, it is truly a great honor for me and I am eternally grateful to them and to the whole ISA family.

I once again repeat this famous fact that ISA – Israel is the best academy in the world and it deserved this title by right !!! Grow and prosper ISA – Israel !!!!

Natalia Plotnikova Security Guard @ LLC PSC "Energomera"

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