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It’s my absolute pleasure to give my highest recommendation to International Security Academy (ISA) as the highest level security training provider. Education is thorough, holistic and up to date – 30 years of experience and development can be seen in everything ISA do!

The ISA courses have a really strong theoretical basis combined with a real life experience in the some of the world’s most challenging circumstances. All the instructors are the world class professionals of their sectors and as a whole, they form a unique and incredible cross-section of the protection and counterterrorism actors at international field of security.

For students training in ISA is “once in a life time” experience. It’s rare, a real world and may feel sometimes challenging or even hard, but always in fair, positive and developing way. Students will face their imaginary boundaries and get far beyond them. The results are impressive; training is really effective and rewarding.

Regardless of your background, you will learn a lot with International Security Academy.

Antti (Kuti) K. Protection and Counterterrorism Instructor

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