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Self-Awareness & The Unconscious Mind- 2


1. What is Self-Awareness?
2. What Self- Awareness is NOT
3. Self-Monitoring vs. Self-Awareness
4. One Reason to Become Self-Aware
5. How to Become Self-Aware
6. Personality: One Way of Thinking About Yourself
7. The Big Five Personality Dimensions
8. Relation Between Big Five Dimensions
9. What is Not Personality?
10. Why is Personality Important?
11. Possible Exam Questions on Personality
12. Example of Bandwidth and Fidelity Issue
13. Usefulness of Taxonomies
14. Specific Traits
15. What is Self-Esteem? Why is it Important?
16. What is Not Self-Esteem?
17. What is Locus of Control? Why is it Important?
18. What is Not Locus of Control?
19. Specific Traits: Self-Monitoring
20. Ways to Describe Oneself
21. Goals, Motives, and Values
22. Motives
23. Why Become Self-Aware?

Self Awareness
What, Why, How… Can we trust?

What Is Self-Awareness?

Ability to assess one’s personality, behaviors & skills accurately

  • Examples
  • Self-subordinate agreement (Church, J of ApplPsy, 1997)
    • Student-teacher agreement on judgments of performance on presentations (Radhakrishnan, in progress)
      • Own vs. peer presentations
      • Practice vs. final presentation
    • Accuracy of predicted judgments v. actual performance on exams (Radhakrishnan et al., 1996; 2000)

What Self Awareness is NOT

  • Self-monitoring
  • – Extent to which you monitor, regulate &/or control behavior/appearance in social situations
    • Low self-monitors behave according to their own inner states whereas high monitors behave according to the social situation
  • – E.g., I may deceive people by being friendly when I really dislike them

Self-Monitoring vs. Self-Awareness

Knowing oneself accurately (self-awareness) is different from being able to change, monitor, or regulate behaviors in the presence of others (self- monitoring)

Self-awareness and self-monitoring may be related to each other

Self Awareness
What, Why, How… Validity of Self awareness measures?

One Reason to Become Self-Aware

To improve performance
– High performing managers were more self-aware (Church, 97)

How to Become Self-Aware

  • Use valid & reliable tests
  • Feedback from friends & family
    • e.g., Fill out a personality survey with you in mind
  • Feedback from peers
  • Feedback from yourself
    • In different kinds of situations
    • In new situations (e.g., in unfamiliar roles)

Some Ways of Thinking About Yourself

One Way of Thinking About Yourself

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    June 6, 2018

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