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كيف يمكنني أن إنضم اليكم ماهيه التعليمات والرابط التقديم وشكرا


The review was amazing. I had all the information I needed and right now I am so excited and ready to join ISA Israel Security

Newton Mukasa

I found ISA the best school to training you as professional for career in security and safety skills and knowledge !!! I recommend to people who want the ultimate quality and the most important and effective performance for the rest of they life’s

Ioannis Papamanolis

ISA expiriance changed on better not just my skills and knowledge, it changed myself, gave me more self-confidence and showed me that just the sky is a limit. There is my story: I am Robert Valdec, from Croatia, joined training program as reporter cause I wanted to write about. It was 2004., I was 41 y/o. After few days I wanted to give up, but Mirza made a trick – when, in the evening in Switzerland (where was first part of training) I planned to tell on the front of group that I am leaving, he told before – I name Robert as team leader. I stayed, passed Switzerland, after Israel (Israeli armed&unarmed, Close protection three weeks, than Close protection in High Risk Zones…). Honestly, it changed my life a lot. I didn’t enter in the job, but as reporter from High Risk Zones, this expiriance and knowledge help me a lot. I was war reporter before (ex-Yugoslavia, Middle East, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Iraq…), but after ISA training I started to work more intensive and from more danger zones (just last year twice Syria, three times Iraq). ISA gave me, except knowledge and expiriance, a lot of contacts all over the world in security field, showed me that everything is in the had and if you want, you can do everything. Even old asshole like me can run and fight against twice younger, well-trained guys. If you need more, be my guest and let me know.


I want to say a big thank you to all the coaching staff of ISA – Israel. You are great professionals of your business! You have changed me for the better, dramatically transforming me externally and internally, revealing my physical data, inner strength, strengthening me psychologically, greatly expanding my professional qualities and instilling new ones. I got a huge baggage of professional skills, knowledge and skills that really work and help me in my activities and everyday life. My leadership is very highly appreciates me as a professional. And I also got good friends and a family that always supports me and helps me in everything and it’s a great honor for me. I am very proud that I have the honor to study at this academy, I am proud to have the honor to study with such highly qualified professionals, I am very proud that on my way I met such a great person as Nir David and Mirza David, it is truly a great honor for me and I am eternally grateful to them and to the whole ISA family. I once again repeat this famous fact that ISA – Israel is the best academy in the world and it deserved this title by right !!! Grow and prosper ISA – Israel !!!!


ISA: the Best simple AS that .The most amazing and best instructors .The best time in my life .

Soeren Langberg

It’s my absolute pleasure to give my highest recommendation to International Security Academy (ISA) as the highest level security training provider. Education is thorough, holistic and up to date – 30 years of experience and development can be seen in everything ISA do! The ISA courses have a really strong theoretical basis combined with a real life experience in the some of the world’s most challenging circumstances. All the instructors are the world class professionals of their sectors and as a whole, they form a unique and incredible cross-section of the protection and counterterrorism actors at international field of security. For students training in ISA is “once in a life time” experience. It’s rare, a real world and may feel sometimes challenging or even hard, but always in fair, positive and developing way. Students will face their imaginary boundaries and get far beyond them. The results are impressive; training is really effective and rewarding. Regardless of your background, you will learn a lot with International Security Academy.


Shalom Dear Sirs, I would like to express my admiration for your very proffessional job. You cover all the sections that a VPO need to know to do his job. It is very usefull this system because I can read according to my job hours and beleive me normally I’m working 12-16 hours per day. Right now I’m finished the 2nd module and I have not a clear picture yet, because the module 1 is more phycology and it contains knowledge that I never had. A suggestion maybe that helps is some short exams so I can see my progress in new fields of knowledge and give me an idea for preparation for the final exam. Thank you very much and I hope to help you a little.

Valsamakis Gerasimos

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