In the Military
o company’s commander is the most influential leader in the infantry battlefield!

In the International Security Industry
o CSO is the most influential leader in the Protection array!



Intended for Elite Protection Personnel
that wish to upgrade their status and to be prepared for:
Leading, Commanding, Planning e Operating a Security & Protection Array
In the various Security & Protection tasks worldwide


Our requirements for participation in the Practical completion training

  1. The candidate has ISA – ISRAEL certification of the ONLINE / DISTANCE Study – courses 1+2+3
  2. Relevant former protection qualification/service experience in the Civilian security industry or police/army background.
  3. The candidate has protection qualification certificate issued by any other certified security training providers in the last 5 years may be considered and accepted as parts of the required qualification quest syllabus.
  4. The candidate should be between the ages of 25- 60 (Exceptions possible), reasonable physical fitness, and have records of past or present occupation in the Security & Protection service domain.
Métodos de Defesa Tática de Emergência Israelense 
Preventive, Defensive, Tactical Concepts, Methods & Tactics


Requirements & Duties description by International NGOs
and other international security related employers

Directs and manages the Security and Safety Service which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Defines security and safety policies and standards at the premises.
  • Initiates and reviews all operational planning and standard operational procedures (SOP) applicable to the conduct of security operations.
  • Supervises and controls the functions of security according to the defined organizational structure.
  • Directs and deploys supervisors and officers to ensure the most effective and efficient provision of security and safety services.
  • Provides leadership to the Security department.
  • Elaborates recruitment policy in consultation with the Human Resources Management Service.
  • Directs the security management team, by supervising the development of each security related project together with appropriate entities of the Divisions.
  • Ensures prudent financial resource management.
  • Coordinates effective security provision with local police/security services.
  • Develops and implements security and safety training programs, including weapon training and security related information technology and organizes special training sessions for staff and security personnel.
  • Makes special security arrangements for visiting Heads of State and other high-level officials and for special events and conferences including security risk assessments and conference security, outside the duty station.
  • Coordinates security measures pertaining to travel of the VIPs, as required, and manages the provision of additional security services.
  • Maintains regular and effective communications.
  • Based on regular and ad hoc threat assessments, develops a risk mitigation/management strategy for the objects’, including major events, such as conferences, meetings, VIP visits.
  • Develops and updates, local security policies, plans and procedures and their implementation.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of physical and security and safety installations in the context of the organizational resilience management system.
  • Performs other duties as directed by the Top management.

Competencies Professionalism

  • Excellent knowledge of the security management, combined with other security specialization and sound political and social knowledge.
  • Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter; is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results.
  • Is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns.
  • Shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges.
  • Remains calm in stressful situations.


  • Speaks and writes clearly and effectively.
  • Listens to others, correctly interprets messages from others and responds appropriately; asks questions to clarify and exhibits interest in having two-way communication; tailors’ language, tone, style and format to match audience.
  • Demonstrates openness in sharing information and keeping people informed.

Planning& Organizing:

  • Develops clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies.
  • Identifies priority activities and assignments, adjusts priorities as required, allocates appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work.
  • Foresees risks and allows for contingencies when planning.
  • Monitors and adjusts plans and actions, as necessary.
  • Uses time efficiently.

Managerial Competencies


  • Serves as a role model that other people want to follow.
  • Empowers others to translate vision into results/
  • Is proactive in developing strategies to accomplish objectives.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with a broad range of people to understand needs and gain support.
  • Anticipates and resolves conflicts by pursuing mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Drives for change and improvement; does not accept the status quo.
  • Shows the courage to take unpopular stands; provides leadership and takes responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of strategies and commitment to the goal of gender balance in staffing.

Judgments /Decision-making:

  • Identifies the key issues in a complex situation and comes to the heart of the problem quickly.
  • Gathers relevant information before making a decision.
  • Considers positive and negative impacts of decisions prior to making them.
  • Takes decisions with an eye to the impact on others and on the Organization.
  • Proposes a course of action and or makes a recommendation based on all available information.
  • Checks assumptions against facts.
  • Determines the actions proposed will satisfy the expressed and underlying needs for the decision.
  • Makes tough decisions when necessary.


Security, Protection & Counterterrorism
Management Specialization

The ultimate Integrated Qualification Quest


That will upgrade, enhance, and will fill the void of qualified Security Management
The Governmental and Civilian Homeland security sectors
needed in the 21st Century


Important note 

  • O treinamento servirá como um trunfo para os alunos. Você obterá conhecimento e compreensão de violent crime, terrorism, e seus adversaries:
    – Who are they?
    – How do they operate?
    – How do they gather intelligence?
    – What is the Modus Operandi of different crime and terrorist groups
    – How can they be stopped?
  • Durante o treinamento, os participantes se familiarizarão com conceitos exclusivos de proteção israelense, métodos atualizados, técnicas modernas, táticas sofisticadas e tecnologias de segurança e proteção de última geração.
  • Durante o treinamento os participantes terão uma nova visão sobre o desenho e implementação de planos de proteção integrados abrangendo todos os aspectos da Doutrina, Recursos Humanos, Tecnologia e Procedimento.
  • You will take part in this unique opportunity to develop business connections and discuss with your international peers the methods, tactics and ideas needed for better design, implementation, and operation.



Insights – International security industry future trend and requirements


Criminals, separatists, fundamentalists and Terrorists are always trying to capitalize on the advancement of growing nations. These countries are striving to achieve economic development through foreign investment; however, a significant lack of secure and safe conditions prevents and even jeopardizes economic developments and corporate expansion. Creating an increasing need for services related to the protection of assets and VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, people with sensitive knowledge, and facilities holding sensitive or valuable materials and assets.

While businesses and government policy are evolving to fit the modern globalized international environment, the threats of both violent crime and terrorism have followed suit and have also become globalized. This has caused countries, companies and organizations worldwide to re-establish themselves to fill the void in the security field.


Security has taken the forefront in international, governmental and corporate strategies and the need for qualified protection and security specialists, consultants and advisers are paramount. Both governments and private companies are developing methods and tactics to stay one-step ahead of these threats and these professionals are the key to success in doing so.


There is a growing tendency for the authorities to transfer public security missions traditionally held by law enforcement to private security companies/organizations, endowing them with the responsibility for the public’s safety now more than ever before.


With the increase in the amount and scope of threats, businesses, the public, the state and other bodies realize that in our times the job of the Chief of Security is crucial for the success of any organization.


o Chief of Security has numerous responsibilities and though his actions will depend on the character, activities and location of the organization he will work for, his job will always inevitably involve detecting the weak points of the organization and securing them. His duty is to prevent any harm to his organization through all means placed at his disposal


In view of the new threat environment, many countries worldwide are entering in a process of upgrading their professional security requirements and will no doubt review their regulations, implement and enforce the CHIEF OF SECURITY as a mandatory post in various organizations and companies.

Each state “regulator” can be expected to exert and exact greater demand from the person in that post, and it may not be good enough merely being an ex-military or a police officer. These key personnel will need major security and professional upgrades to mitigate and overcome the potential threat in each one of our homelands.




The offered Distance/Online & Practical Security Management qualification program is the first program that was ever created, it was created and operated by the International Security Academy – Israel 5 years ago.


Our Israeli based organization has analyzed the many factors that produce and enable violent crime and terrorism to exist. Years of experience in police and military special units as well as various security establishments have allowed us to analyze many factors that produce and enable “Bad guys” action. We have many years of hands-on experience in understanding the mind-sets of violent offenders and terrorists and how they operate.


Our team at the International Security Academy – Israel has been directly involved for years in developing strategies to cope with various forms of terrorism. We are devoted to developing innovative and effective methods of combating violent offenders and terrorists.


We are a proactive organization that provides our students with unique and effective tools and strategies for dealing with all forms of violent behavior or terrorism. Those who experience training at the I.S.A – ISRAEL improve their practical skills and understanding of their adversary. Our instruction empowers our graduates to effectively combat violence and/or terrorism.


We have developed programs that offer our students practical training that is taught by seasoned professionals. Our methods involve intense counter violent crime and terrorism simulations that utilize proven methods of handling threatening situations. Participants engage in a variety of drills and training that prepares them to handle potential attackers, kidnappers, stalkers and terrorists.


Our programs include many topics intended to improve the mental and physical capabilities of our students as they learn to deal with violence and terrorism worldwide



To upgrade, enhance and fill the void of qualified Security Management for the Governmental and Civilian Homeland security sectors needed in the 21st Century and by that to assist the prevention, intervention, and suppression of violent crime and terrorism worldwide.

We do it by sharing our unique methodology and practical experience gained in Israel and by colleagues worldwide.



  • Our “secret weapon” is the development of the inner strength of each individual (The Human Factor!). Technology and accessories are always secondary or complementary.
  • Our instruction methods, knowledge, and training methods improve the mental and physical abilities of our trainees, thus improving their confidence and enabling them to perform extremely well under stress in emergency situations.
  • Our trainees originate from diversified backgrounds and participate to create amicable training relationships.



Our Programs are the most up to date Distance / Online integrating Practical qualification programs launched for the International Homeland/Domestic security industry. The programs are the most comprehensive and enhancing programs offered to those who wish to be the best.

What makes our program the most comprehensive, is that it is unique in its field; our Programs are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses that combines both the academic theoretical aspect of Security Management & Leadership as well as a practical application in both security and counter crime or terrorism.


Graduates of our programs will finish their qualification quest with real world and practical experience in the security industry and will be prepared for positions within the Governmental & Civilian Homeland/Domestic security domains.


The program’s overarching mission is to produce a new generation of security executives, analysts, policymakers, and scholars fully knowledgeable about the range of international and national security issues of the 21st Century. The syllabus has over 75 years of Israeli and worldwide experience for preparing students with a wide range of backgrounds to become leaders in their fields.


The Security Management & leadership Program’s curriculums are designed to give students an array of course options which provide a solid foundation in core security issues. The depth and breadth of its course offerings stimulate students to pursue their intellectual and professional interests and develop their own areas of specialization, whether it is traditional intelligence and defense analysis, international security problems in general, emerging issues such as counter terrorism measures or public empowerment.


OUR INSTITUTE comprises leading scholars and practitioners in security affairs. ISA – ISRAEL instruction team has years of distinguished service in the Israeli government. Classroom instruction is consequently enriched with an understanding and appreciation of the real-world issues with which security executives, commanders and leaders must contend




Our program has combined many disciplines together to teach our students the information that is necessary for them to be future leaders in creating policy and installing security measures to effectively fight violent crime and terrorism in their country.


When trying to upgrade security, and reduce the threat of terrorism in a country, it is important for future policy makers and the security establishment to be well versed in the social sciences, such as political science and security studies, as well as psychology, sociology, criminology, law, economics, history and anthropology.


Knowledge of all of these disciplines will greatly enhance their ability to make policy decisions and understand the root causes of their security problems, the people that cause these issues, why these people do it, how these security problems effect the government, the public and the economy, the legal ramifications of government decisions, and how their decisions will affect the country’s economy and the world economy.


This theoretical understanding will equip graduates of this program with the necessary skills and know how to successfully combat crime and terrorism and create effective policy for the future.


Our Training programs are different, special, and unique, we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.


To obtain these objectives we have freed ourselves of all possible barriers, such as Religion, Language, Political Conflicts, etc. and wish for all participants to not bring such issues to the table in the interest of the security of the world as a whole.

Taxas do curso Inclui:

  • “SECURITY BIBLE” – ISA – ISRAEL CONECTADOS materiais de instrução do seu programa.
  • Participação no curso profissionalizante.
  • Todo o equipamento de instrução, veículos, armas.
  • Camisetas e presentes pessoais.
  • Explorando o país enquanto participa do treinamento.
  • Certificado de Participação.

As taxas do curso não incluem passagem e hospedagem durante o treinamento!!!

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Hospedagem e Hospedagem

“Alojamento em estilo de embarque”

  • ISA-Israel irá reservar o alojamento automaticamente após o recebimento da ficha de inscrição e do pagamento do candidato.
  • O formando cobrirá as despesas de alojamento no hotel à sua chegada ao centro de formação.
  • A trainee needs to calculate 25-45 Euro for his/her own expenses for accommodation & 3 meals per day.

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Documentos necessários para cursos PRÁTICOS:

  • Documentos necessários para cursos PRÁTICOS:

    Para garantir o seu lugar no necessário PRÁTICO curso para INSTRUTOR (passo 1 ou passo 2)pedimos que planeje sua matrícula/inscrição e pagamento 50% da taxa de qualificação MÍNIMO  90 dias antes do início do PRÁTICO sessão. ao receber esse 50% do pagamento, enviaremos o código de acesso necessário para iniciar seu CONECTADOS study materials, that you should complete prior to arriving to the PRÁTICO session!

    Your full fee payment (50% completion) should arrive to ISA – ISRAEL no later than 30 dias antesr ao início do PRÁTICO sessão.

    ISA – ISRAEL’s specialized courses are heavily regulated by the Ministry of Defense and Homeland Security of Israel and various countries when we act.
    Participants must provide via email + (bring the original upon arriving) to ISA – ISRAEL the following documents in order to be accepted for enrollment:

    1. Certificado de saúde– stating that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the training (from your personal Medic).
    2. Seguro médico– each candidate must be covered by his own medical insurance throughout all course activities.
    3. Verificação de antecedentes criminais/ Certificação de Segurança - certificando que o candidato não possui antecedentes criminais:

      Autoridade local permitiu atestar que o candidato não tem antecedentes criminais.
      Um deles também pode ser aceito:

    • Polícia ativa ou serviço militar ou qualquer cartão de identificação de funcionário do departamento governamental ou declarações oficiais
    • Declarações de um advogado
    • Licença válida de arma de fogo
    • Cartão de identificação do funcionário da empresa de segurança
      Por favor, traga uma pasta impressa composta por:
    • Cópia do seu passaporte com seus dados
    • Foto de passaporte atualizada
    • cv
    • Certificado de saúde
    • Verificação de antecedentes criminais/certificação de segurança

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Prior to your practical training start!!! 

Upon receiving your registration form + the training fee:

  1. You will receive via email from the ISA – ISRAEL office an access code to the “SECURITY BIBLE” of ISA – ISRAEL’s CONECTADOS instruction materials of your program that you should study and be prepared for theoretical exams   after reaching us.
  2. You can receive an invitation letter if you need to apply for a visa to Israel.
  3. Admissão de participação

    2 semanas antes para o início do seu curso, o escritório do ISA-ISRAEL enviará uma carta convite para uso, se necessário, para solicitar seu visto e incluirá instruções práticas para sua chegada ao nosso ponto de encontro com os membros do grupo de treinamento.


Idioma do Curso - Inglês

  • The course is taught in very basic English- there is NO need to speak fluently.

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  • Se você vem de um país que exige visto para entrar em Israel ou na Europa, preencha sua inscrição e pagamento de participação 45 dias antes do treinamento e solicite ao consulado relevante em seu país para iniciar o processo de visto.
  • Consulate staff will require your employment status and organization, a clean criminal record, and the financial mans to pay for your stay during your visit in Israel or Europe.
  • Os candidatos que precisam solicitar visto para participar de nossos cursos em ISRAEL ou any other country where we plan to enter for drilling 1-2 days during the course, be advised to obtain a Multiple Entry Visa for your return to ISRAEL .


Recomendado - Treinamento Autopreparatório

  • Da experiência anterior, acreditamos que é vital que o formando que pretenda participar nos nossos cursos faça uma formação auto-preparatória antes da sua chegada ao nosso curso.

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Requisitos de Aptidão Física para os Cursos Práticos do ISA (para graduação do curso)

  1. Barras horizontais - 12 ou mais (Puxadas)
  2. 3000 metros - menos de 17 minutos
  3. Parallel Bars- more than 16 (dips)
  4. Abdominais, pernas cruzadas contra a parede, mínimo de 60 abdominais - menos de um minuto e meio
  5. 400 metros - Máximo de 75 segundos - correndo em pares

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Packing List for the Practical Courses:

  • Carta de condução internacional
  • 2 sets of “Tactical” pens, khaki, black, gray, or dark blue- NÃO camuflado
  • 1 par de tênis de corrida
  • 2 conjuntos de roupas casuais corporativas (deve ter gola)
  • 1 cinto resistente para uso de coldres e pistola
  • 1 par de sapatos de rua (sem tênis)
  • 2 rolos de ? polegada fita médica
  • 1 conjunto de cada orelha (mais espumosa, não muffs) e proteção para os olhos
  • 2 protetores de joelho + 2 protetores de cotovelo
  • 1 conjunto de roupa formal, cores escuras (terno e gravata)
  • 2 fotos para passaporte
  • Câmera digital - recomendada
  • Computador portátil
  • 1 Bússola
  • 1 Flashlight
  • 2 camisas de manga comprida adequadas para ambiente desértico
  • Roupa casual
  • 2 fotografias de passaporte
  • Computador portátil
  • Câmera Digital - recomendada


  • Cancellations by ISA-Israel- we reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or alter the dates or provisions of a course and/or the venues of the course.
  • Cancellations by the client- in the event of a cancellation by the delegate, the delgate’s manager or any representative of the delegate’s organization, bookings will be transferred to the next available course, or to a future date that meets the candidate’s request.  A substitute delegate may be sent at no additional cost provided the substitute meets all necessary pre-entry conditions for that course.  If a booking is cancelled or transferred to a different course by the delegate or their representative:
    • Notice Given: Less than 30 days, you can transfer to another future date only if places are available.  Telephone cancellations are accepted but most be confirmed immediately in writing (by post, fax, or email). 
    • No refund after receiving of the ISA – ISRAEL Instruction materials and manual.

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Course Curriculum

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