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ISA – ISRAEL will expose “secret” preparation concepts, methods and tactics!





To train, empower & prepare YOUR entire community!
How to mitigate and overcome Radicalization, Violent crime & Terrorism encounters


By failing to prepare, YOU are preparing to fail!!!



The recent massive demographic changes in the world are bringing with it already cultural and religious conflicts that are followed by violence everywhere around the world.

We know that to stay ahead of these conflicts, the entire civilian population needs to be more aware and better prepared for today’s “modern” catastrophes, violence and terrorizing encounters.

Israel’s secret weapon has, and always will be, our entire society’s strength; and more precisely, the education, training and preparation of Israelis that have mitigated and defeated violent crime and terrorism, and have helped and will continue to help bring a healthy economy and high living standards to our country’s population.

Do not let anyone make you the victim!!!


Intended for:
Security, Martial Arts & physical fitness practitioners


The  Qualification’s Objectives:
To train, qualify, enhance and certify capable candidates to become Coaches / Mentors for training, empowering and preparing their entire communities to better mitigate and overcome violent crime or any terrorism encounters.

ISA – ISRAEL’s practical training center in ISRAEL + SPAIN

Special Career Opportunities + Take Home Materials

  • Presentation – Course’s attendees will receive a hard copy of the course’s multimedia presentation
    for reference purposes and to enable them to train others. Optional after Certification
  • The Certified Coach / Instructor will be assisted and guided by ISA – ISRAEL to establish his own
    security instruction and training system for his own community.
  • The Graduate will be listed as a Certified Coach / Instructor on ISA – ISRAEL’s website and in various publications worldwide.
  • A Certified Coach / Instructor will be accepted to join ISA – ISRAEL training centers with his trainees/ candidates, and may act there as an ISA – ISRAEL Coach / Instructor, compensated by ISA – ISRAEL.
  • The Certified Coach / Instructor may be activated by ISA – ISRAEL to join the training in various countries worldwide, including ISA-ISRAEL’s new instruction innovation:


Module – Mental Empowerment

  • Self-awareness
  • Self esteem
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Stress management
  • Mental preparation–5 color theory

Module – Operational Fitness

  • Strength training
  • Endurance training
  • Speed training
  • Agility drills
  • Determination drills



Module – Potential Adversary Profiling for Identification

  • Terrorism – background and definition
  • The elements that create terrorism
  • The psychology of terrorism
  • Psychopathology and terrorism
  • Terrorism typologies and terrorist’s profiles
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Terrorism related non-verbal assessment tools

Module – Body language

  • Body language – Introduction
  • Body language speaks
  • Different types of body language
  • Body language – sociological perspectives
  • Body Language – interpreting movements
  • Interpreting body movements
  • Body language in confrontational situations
  • Telling and detecting lies
  • Reading the signs
  • Aggression

Module – Threat Assessment – Theory & Practice

  • Types of Adversaries
  • Motives
  • Objectives The adversary’s modus operandi
  • Stages in preparing an attack
  • Methods of adversary intelligence gathering
  • How criminals or terrorists select their targets
  • Basic Surveillance detection principles

Module – Personal Security

  • Personal security
  • Personal safety for
  • The potential adversary:
    • Foundations for surveillance
    • Questioning
    • Trends in international
    • Weapons of
  • General security
  • Emergency medical

Module – Rescue and evacuation:

  • buildings, cars under attacks




Module – Obstacle course

 Module – First aid (basic)



Module – Familiarization with the Arab-Islamic culture, religious, manners and language

  • The Muslim World and the Arab World
  • Extreme Islamic movements and their impacts on the entire Muslim Population
  • Typical Terrorism attacks within the Muslim

The Islamic Religion

  • The establishment of
  • The
  • The development and expansion of
  • The Sunni and the Shiite
  • The five commandments of
  • The concept of jihad and shahid (holy war) in

The Muslim World and the Arab World

  • Explanation of the concept of “Arabness”.
  • The Arabian peninsula as the birthplace of “Arabness”.
  • Muslims as opposed to
  • Political

Behavioral Characteristics

  • Structure of the Arab
  • Family
  • Attitude towards
  • The effect of progress on Arab
  • Attitude towards followers of other religions: monotheism, idol
  • The mosque as focal point of
  • Community
  • The sanctity of (Committing suicide as a shahid).
  • Exploration Western openness and democracy.
  • Ways of
  • Family Events – Joy and
  • Festivals and Memorial
  • Woman’s
  • Structure and Meaning of the Arab
  • Home and
  • Connection to the
  • Time and
  • Problem of
  • Urban and

Arabic, the language – terms & blessings

Module – Anti Sabotage

  1. Bomb threats
  2. Anti – sabotage
  3. Concealed weapons guide

Suicide bombing

  • History of suicide bombers and modern terror trends
  • World Jihad: backbone of Afghanistan veterans
  • Suicide Terrorism – rationale and justifications
  • Organization and recruitment of suicide bombers
  • Training suicide terrorists for their “holy” mission
  • Suicide Modus Operandi – case studies 1980s to present
  • Types of suicide devices, including car bombs
  • Scenes and footage captured from terrorists filming their intelligence gathering activities
  • Bomber profile
  • Murder-suicide
    • Ritualsuicide
    • Range of opinions
    • Suicidenote
    • Teenagesuicide
    • Voluntaryeuthanasia
    • Socialviewsonsuicide
    • Femalesuicide
    • Copycatsuicide
    • Forcedsuicide
    • Masssuicide
  • Identification & detection of suicide bombers
  • Dealing with an imminent attack by armed suicide bombers
  • Incident management tips and guidelines
  • The outlines of a successful security plan to counter threats
  • The importance of prevention and how to deploy and detect imminent attacks
  • How to respond safely to incidents which may involve secondary bombs or bombers

Module – Israeli Unarmed Protection Methods (Krav Maga)


Krav Maga means “Contact Combat” in Hebrew. It is the official martial art of the Israeli Defense Force and National Police, and the best training program for improving functioning under high stress situations, resulting from crises or violence. This method has been taught to thousands of civilians in Israel from all walks of life. Businessmen and housewives, old and young, have all successfully learned this method, and through experience it has proven itself time after time to be extremely well-suited for the private citizen.

Easy to learn, Practical & Effective, Easy to Retain

Topics you will cover:

  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Types of attack
  • Attack and defense techniques
  • Disarming the assailant – fire arms, knives, clubs, hand grenades,
  • Controlling, restraining and taking-down techniques
  • Body search (routine & aggressive)
  • Passage through a crowd
  • Strikes and Throws
  • Use of Equipment
  • The use of CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
  • Physical fitness & CQB exams

Module – Acquaintance with the Israeli armed tactical response methods

The Israeli Armed Tactical Response Method is radically different approach from other combat shooting techniques. Success is based solely on actual performance.

This combat system has the distinct advantage of having been proven effective than any other. It has been developed and refined over many decades of conflict in the Middle East.

The guiding principle of our method is to neutralize the threat quickly, in the simplest and most instinc- tive way possible. Aggressiveness, decisiveness and speed are all integral elements in Israeli Tactical Response Method. For this reason, proper mindset is heavily stressed. Stress is introduced onto the train- ing regimen in order to get the trainees accustomed to the pressure associated with actual events.

Key Advantages of Our System:

  1. Simple and easy to learn
  2. Enhances the bodies muscle memory
  3. Prepares the Operator for Combat in unexpected situations
  4. Fast and effective CQB techniques
  5. Prepares the Operator to work both independently and as a team
  6. Elevates fighting spirit and determination
  7. Elevates confidence of self and weapon
  8. Innovative and unique training methods
  9. Releases the operator from thinking about shooting techniques
  10. Trains the operator not to depend on the instructor or supervisor

We prepare our trainees to fight with a weapon not just to shoot with it !!!


Module – Instruction skills


  1. Developing a Sociological Perspective and Imagination
  2. Introduction to Psychology
  3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  4. Positive Psychology
  5. Psychology
  6. Social Psychology
  7. Sociologists

Instruction concepts, methods and tactics

  1. Adult Learning
  2. Art of teaching
  3. Correcting mistakes while firing a pistol
  4. Good instruction
  5. How to conduct training sessions
  6. Identifying your learning style
  7. Lesson structure
  8. Seven principles to deliver training effectively
  9. Teacher learner management
  10. The nature of the teaching profession
  11. Tips for trainers
  12. Top tips
  13. Training techniques


6 בNovember 2020


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