Unfortunately, the state of Israel and its citizens have been subject to serious security concerns for many years already. From the experiences accumulated by Israelis and their colleagues worldwide, we have come to understand that a military background, especially with experience in a special operation unit may help us to cope better with combat issues. But this experience needs to be complemented with a rigorous training and instruction in order to prepare Proactive and Efficient Protection Operators.

The concepts and principles of our Protection are derived from the factual assumption that the adversary has an advantage. This advantage is the element of surprise composed by four variables:

Time      –   The adversary chooses the time of the assault.

Place     –   The adversary chooses the place of the assault.

Force     –   The adversary determines the amount of manpower and weaponry that will be used in the assault.

Mode     –   The adversary determines the execution method of operation and the type of assault.

These four variables make the adversary’s advantage of surprise absolute. Therefore, it is necessary that we educate and assimilate ourselves with the behaviour and characteristics of our adversary.

The Protection Operative’s mission is to thwart the actions of the adversary. We must depend upon our preparedness, courage and ability to counter his aggression.

The success of a Protection Operative has to be a must despite the conditions of uncertainty, changing surroundings and the element of surprise of the adversary. To succeed we prepare ourselves for diversity, as diversity is the threat’s main tool of aggression.

The incident may occur in a public place and endanger the lives of innocent bystanders. This requires a selective and precise aim of fire in order not to inflict injury to innocent people. The psychological elements, previously mentioned, can affect the Protection Operative’s decision to “enter into combat”, due to his attempt to prevent loss of innocent lives. These issues have led to the development of our unique Training System.

Our secret weapon is the development of the “Inner-Strength” of the Human Factor!

Technology and accessories are always secondary or complementary.

What is Inner Strength?

Inner strength is one of the most important characteristics of successful people.

It is the foundation in a leader. Only those who have inner strength can lead from within.

We define inner strength as the ability to withstand adverse situations based on mental and physical fitness. It encompasses situational awareness, readiness, and willingness to persist in very difficult situations.

We have been known to successfully formulate an inner-strength combination of the Athenian spirit and the Spartan physical toughness in their daily lives. Individuals with balanced inner strength allow them to become solid leaders. The sources for personal inner strength are confidence, spirituality, and mental strength.

Our training system enables to thwart aggression.

Our system develops the pro-active approach method. The response speed and the ability to use the weapon effectively build and strengthen the determination.

We believe that training, instructing, and preparing our staff is our duty and obligation to provide the best tools we can before we activate them in public assignments, especially in counter terrorism & anti-violent-crime efforts.

The various factors that have been analysed together with the diverse experiences accumulated in Israel and in other countries, have led to an unquestionable conclusion: To improve the ability to deal with various situations of violence and high pressure, we combine practical training, simulations of unusual situations, drills and training related to the emotional and psychological stress.

We strive to minimize the participants’ expenses for our various courses, as we know that the trainees can later complete their knowledge in fields such as law, firefighting, operative driving, etc.

In our courses, we prefer to focus on our unique expertise and on the special techniques, skills and methods that we use for the qualifications and empowerment of the Israeli Security Personnel.

The aim of our instruction is not a “Rambo”- type of training; it includes many topics intended to improve the mental and physical functioning of the trainees. Our training takes place in a disciplined atmosphere, yet not under strict military conditions.

Effective instruction, knowledge and practice improve the mental and physical abilities, which affect the self-confidence of the trainees. Self-confidence improves their overall level of performance, while at the same time their awareness and motivation are significantly enhanced.