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Please read our FAQ section to find out the information most asked by our students.

The International Security Academy – Israel is a practical training organization, which was founded by Mr. Mirza David in 1987.

Our team at the International Security Academy – Israel have been directly involved for years in developing strategies to cope with various forms of terrorism. We are devoted to developing innovative and effective methods of Combating Violent Offenders and Terrorists.
Read more about us in our “About Us” Page.


The “Israeli Security Bible” is a special instruction manual that has been developed, gathered, and produced over the past 34 years by ISA – ISRAEL’s Israeli, foreign instructors and colleagues from various respectable sources and nationalities to suit the Israeli Protection & Counter Terrorism concepts, methods, tactics, and qualification standards.

The students who did intensive prior preparations with our Distance / Online – “Israeli Security Bible” reached the peak of our practical completion training. During the practical training, we can focus the time on practice and drilling, instead of spending time on Academic / Theoretical lectures that are not always understood by all due to language barriers.


ISA – Israel offers the following online study programs:

  • Elite Protection Personnel Specialization
  • Management Specialization
  • Instruction Specialization

Until the 01 April 2022, we offer the study programs with a discount.

  • Elite Protection Personnel Specialization – 499€
  • Management Specialization – 999€
  • Instruction Specialization – 1399€

Please complete the following stages to get the DIGITAL “ISRAELI SECURITY BIBLE”:

  • Purchase & pay the program of you choosing at a discount until the 1 April 2022.
  • Get your personal access information to the DIGITAL “ISRAELI SECURITY BIBLE” sent to you email account.
  • Use your access information to login into your account and start studying.

You can pay only via bank account. Please make sure to enter the correct required information on the order form and execute the payment asked.

When you pay via Bank transfer, your payment will be confirmed by our bank, and you will receive access information send to your email account. You will get access to your COURSES’ page and start your study within 5-7 days.


Successful completion of the independent multimedia ONLINE/DISTANCE study training requires discipline. For most remote students, it is not practical to block out two or three days of time to complete all the modules back-to-back, as one would do if enrolled in a classroom seminar.

We recommend that you read each module in sequence, starting with module No 1. Regardless of how you allocate your time, maintaining a strict personal study schedule will keep you on track in completing all the Modules.

Yes, you will be assigned an ISA – ISRAEL’s mentor. He is the person responsible for guiding and mentoring you in all programs matters during your study period. Communication with your Mentor will be via Skype and emails.

Once A Month – Every last Saturday of the month, ISA – ISRAEL will initiate group participants CLASS – ONLINE for interested registered students to discuss and clarify various interesting issues for all the DISTANCE registrants.

Anyone who wished to widen their knowledge of the security sector can join the ONLINE/DISTANCE study programs. No prior knowledge is required.


Only the candidates who pass both OC-1 and OC-2 exams will earn ONLINE/DISTANCE Elite Protection Personnel Specialization Certification!

Join a free mentoring session with Mr. Mirza David, founder & CEO of ISA – ISRAEL. Mr. Mirza will share his knowledge and personal experience in the area of Management Specialization. You will have a first-hand opportunity to gain experience from one of the best experts in this area worldwide. You will receive an assignment to write and submit a thesis on a topic personally chosen by Mr. Mirza that will bring maximal benefit to your career.

Only the candidates who pass OC-1, OC-2, and OC-3 exams, and submit their thesis in the period up to 3 months after they joined a mentoring session will earn ONLINE/DISTANCE Security, Protection & Instruction Specialization Certification!

Your prestigious ISA ONLINE/DISTANCE security study Certificate will be emailed to you.


Only students enrolled in ISA ISRAEL’S Multimedia ONLINE/DISTANCE security Qualification & certification programs are permitted to join the examination and certification process at ISA – ISRAEL.

You can take an exam as soon as you are ready.

ISA ONLINE/DISTANCE study exams consist of multiple-choice questions.

You need to answer 60% of the questions correctly to pass an exam.

Yes, you can redo an exam, as many times you want. Each course exam (including retaken exam) should be paid separately – 99€.


Yes. All the students who join and get certification of the ONLINE/DISTANCE study programs will get free membership to “WeProtect.info”.

“WeProtect.Info” Is an Israeli – European “Startup” Innovation intended to become the ultimate Civil Security & Protection services’ provision concept with its unique method of operation expressed as the “1st Global Civil Security Services’ Functional Platform “backed by the most up to date Israeli Security & Protection expertise & technologies.

The innovation desires to allow anybody in need and anywhere, to apply to his Local Security Service Provider for any Security or Protection related services, Qualifications, Training or Equipment needed in his own region and even beyond the boundaries of their home region or country.


We estimate that we can start offering the practical training courses again at the end of 2022. As the pandemic develops the travel restrictions and rules will change. We will adapt to the regulations and make appropriate changes to the courses’ organization.


If you need any information not listed above, you can contact us via:

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