Duration – 5 days

ISA-Israel’s Multinational instructor’s team will run a Suitability test & Preparatory training for Women  interested in joining the professional Personal /VIP Protection domain and the required qualification quest in stages.


The Suitability test & Preparatory training will be held allays few months prior to the participation in the VIP Protection specialization quest.

  • Various methods will be used, to detect and find suitable and required characteristics of the candidates.
  • Testing entails extreme physical and emotional stress.
  • Evaluations and interviews will be held during and after the tests to detect various characteristics consistent with being a premium candidate for VIP Protection operations.
  • Participants will receive a participation certificate.

What is so special in this training program?

  • The program will base on the Israeli qualification concepts, methods, and “Secrets” used in that unique domain and is considered as the state-of-the-art preparation for “Elite Personnel for Personal protection”.
  • The program will give the candidates the opportunity to obtain the professional qualification in stages. The stages system will enable the participants to test their fitness and ability to work in the Protection domain in general and in the Personal Protection field in particular.
  • The stages system will give the participants or their employers a prognosis, to provide satisfaction, and avoid unnecessary expense caused by those who may achieve low scores in the preparatory stage of the Professional Protection operative courses.
  • The achievements and benefits in each stage of the program will encourage the participants to progress further and complete the whole qualification process.
  • The stages system will strengthen the participants for each consecutive stage.
  • The training combines practical and theoretical training methods Incorporation of special training methods for development of the participant’s self-confidence and reaction capabilities under high stress situations are a definite feature.
  • Coordination of subjects that develop, Quick Thinking, Initiative, and Motivation.