Mental Preparedness & Empowerment Training Program

This is an extensive practical training program initiated by ISA-Israel, based on the real Israeli expertise, concepts, and methods to strengthen people when coping with high pressure situations. It deals with self-empowerment and team-empowerment.

The program’s objectives

  • To improve the mental and physical abilities of our trainees for better coping and better functioning in situations resulting from violent crimes, Terrorism threats, or strikes and various catastrophes occurring in our modern society.


What is so special in this training program?

  • Israel is continually under threat of terrorist attacks from within and from outside the country, therefore the Israeli population have been trained and given the ability to overcome unexpected attacks and to adapt to high threat situations of extreme violence.
  • The program combines simulated and dynamic training, and hands-on drills infused with psychological solutions and emotional resiliency training.
  • Our primary objective is to provide our trainees with an unforgettable experience that is unique, a magnificent opportunity to develop and apply solid leadership strengths.
  • The program is based on models developed by ISA-ISRAEL; Leveraging ISA core expertise has created a unique avant-garde development program concentrating on personal inner strength-based leadership.
  • Our Training programs are different, special, and unique – we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.
  • Our preparation methods for this struggle resembles a vaccine against viruses, which is a weakened dosage of the cause of the illness, which causes the immune system to strengthen without damaging it, thus achieving future inoculation against similar diseases.
  • The various analyses together with the vast experience accumulated in Israel and throughout the world have led to an unequivocal conclusion: To improve our ability to understand and operate under emotional and psychological stress, during situations of violence and pressure, we combine practical training, simulations of unusual situations, and drills.

Personal empowerment training activities

  1. Introducing emotional intelligence and psychological resiliency training: techniques for mental preparedness in high-pressure situations.
  2. Practical drills on strength, endurance, speed, agility, and determination.
  3. Teamwork development and hands-on Resistance development and emotional stability to promote abilities to function under pressure.
  4. Learning “the victim behavior”, hands-on exercises in implementing preventative behavioral measures.
  5. Exercises in identifying potential aggressors and taking proper preventative measures.
  6. Learning self-defense techniques that are effective, easy to learn, and easy to retain.
  7. Learning practical methods for non-verbal communication, including body language and tools to strengthen self-confidence.
  8. Learning methods to improve and retain physical fitness as well as body endurance.
  9. Understanding assertive behavior though simulating violent confrontations.