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Israeli Security, Protection, Counter Terrorism Procedures and
Mode of Operation in HR Security tasks + HR zones

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We are proud to see tremendous professional achievements by all our candidates who are reaching the peak of our PRACTICAL COMPLETION training after their intensive prior preparations with our ONLINE “SECURITY BIBLE”.

By purchasing the ultimate relevant ONLINE program and starting your prior preparations, we can increase the time of practice and drilling, instead of spending time on Academic / Theoretical lectures that are not always understood by all due to language barriers.

With this upgrade we have managed to reduce the qualification’s duration which poses as a critical economic barrier for many candidates from the entire International Security Industry sector.


  • We have successfully developed a very sophisticated and most up to date “Israeli made” security instruction manual for study / use system to serve as YOUR PERSONAL “SECURITY BIBLE” ONLINE 24/7 accessible and very friendly from anywhere in the world.
  • That ONLINE platform  is already very well translate to English and Spanish and we continue to develop step by step versions in all existing languages  in order to provide our students from the entire International Security Industry sector with unique and comprehensive Security Instruction materials prior to their PRACTICAL completion with ISA – ISRAEL instructors worldwide  or with other security training providers.
  • The  ONLINE “ SECURITY BIBLE” has been developed, gathered and produced over the past 31 years by ISA – ISRAEL’s Israeli, foreign instructors and many colleagues from various respectable sources and nationalities to suit the Israeli recommended Protection & Counter Terrorism concepts, methods, tactics, and qualification standards.
  • We continue to add instruction materials and videos as part of an ongoing update/upgrade process for our students during their study. Students will be able to use the required Modules and chapters of the “SECURITY BIBLE in one of their preferred language.




The ultimate qualification quest for Elite Protection Operatives

That wishes to upgrade their skills

For better operation in the various Protection tasks worldwide

Trainee’s achievements

  • The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capability and operational fitness of those who work or intend to work as High Risk Protection Operatives.
  • The training will expose the participants to Israeli unique expertise, which was accumulated in Lebanon and other High Risk areas in the Middle East.
  • The training includes simulations and “live” drills in a training center 1 km from the city of Gaza and also the border with Lebanon.
  • The trainees will be hosted by Arab families, for a better understanding of the Arab-Islamic culture, religion, manners and language, in order to avoid unwanted and unnecessary conflicts with the local Arab or Muslim population in these “High Risk Zones”.
  • The total environmental conditions, the climate and the population in Israel are the most suitable for the simulation of Israeli proved tactical response methods.
  • Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of attack strategies encountered during High Risk Zone operations.
  • Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
  • Knowledge of the basic information necessary to integrate all elements of High Risk protective missions into a working field operation.
  • Understand and practice convoy formations and vehicular movement, tactics and strategies.
  • Exposure to the Arab/Islamic culture, its social habits, the religion, the language, and the rituals.


Module 1 – The Potential Adversary

Profiles of Crimes and Terrorism                                     

  • Criminal organizations
  • Intro to Terrorism
  • What is Terrorism
  • Terrorist Group Profiles
    • Wheel of Terror
    • Terrorist Tactics
  • Terrorism in the past and Trends for the 21ST
    • Suicide Terrorism
  • Islamic Groups and Their Impact on World Terrorism
    • International terrorism
    • Al Qaeda
    • ISIS
    • Boko Haram
    • Others
  • History of Terrorism in the USA
  • The rise of Right Wing Fundamentalism
  • High Tech Terrorism
  • World Threat Evaluation
  • World Risk Map

Weapons of Terrorism: Small Arms, Explosives & Incendiaries

  • Introduction
  • Small Arms
  • Explosives & Incendiaries
  • Nuclear and Radiological Weaponry

Module 2 –  How to conduct in Arab/ Muslim countries?

The total environmental conditions, the climate and the population in Israelare the most suitablefor that exposure to the Arab/Islamic culture, its social habits, the religion, the language and the rituals.

Topical Content

  • Familiarization with the Arab-Islamic culture, religious, manners and language.
  • The Muslim World and the Arab World
  • Extreme Islamic movements and their impacts on the entire Muslim Population
  • Typical Terrorism attacks within the Muslim Population
  • An emphasis on the operative and operational associations of these topics will be given based on Israelis, Colleagues, and Graduates experiences based also on worldwide case studies.
  • The participants will be hosted during the training amongst Arab and Muslim population.

The Islamic Religion

  • The establishment of Islam
  • The Koran
  • The development and expansion of Islam
  • The Sunni and the Shiite Moslems
  • The five commandments of Islam
  • The concept of jihad and shahid (holy war) in Islam
The Muslim World and the Arab World
  • Explanation of the concept of “Arabness”
  • The Arabian peninsula as the birthplace of “Arabness”
  • Muslims as opposed to Arabs
  • Islamic Revolution
  • Political Islam
Behavioral Characteristics
  • Structure of the Arab family
  • Family honor
  • Attitude towards women
  • The effect of progress on Arab society
  • Attitude towards followers of other religions: monotheism, idol worshippers
  • The mosque as focal point of activity
  • Community activity
  • The sanctity of life (committing suicide as a shahid)
  • The Fatwa
  • Exploration of western openness and democracy
  • Ways of Life
  • Family Events – Joy and Grief
  • Festivals and Memorial Days
  • Woman’s Status
  • Structure and Meaning of the Arab Name
  • Home and Family
  • Connection to the Land
  • Time and Space
  • Problem of Refugees
  • Urban and rural

Arabic, the language – terms & blessings

Security Abroad

  • Airplane/ Helicopter
  • Sea Transportation
  • Border Crossing Procedures
  • Unofficial Crossings/Checkpoints
  • International Border Crossings.
  • General Crossing Guidelines and Precautionary Measures
  • National Checkpoints
  • Authorized/ Government Controlled
  • Unauthorized/ Militia Controlled
  • General Guidelines for Unauthorized/ Militia Controlled Checkpoints

Operating in Hostile Environments

Surviving Kidnapping and Hostage Situations

  • Introduction
  • Phase one: The Capture
  • Phase Two: The Transport
  • Phase Three: The Holding Period
  • Phase Four: Release, Rescue, or Escape
  • Aftermath
  • Prevention
  • Surveillance

Land Navigation

  • Basic Map Skills
  • Identify Topographic Symbols
  • Terrain Features
  • Identify a Grid
  • Determine Elevation
  • Converting Grid/Magnetic Azimuths
  • Compass Familiarization
  • Intersection
  • Modified Resection
  • Navigation in open (desert) and urban areas
  • Field exercises

Module 4 – Anti-Sabotage – advanced

This instruction emphasizes on detection and prevention, not disposal, of explosive threats. Methods of search techniques are covered as well as preventive procedures to implement as policy in public buildings, including how to prepare for “threat calls”. Personality profiles of bomb threat callers and actual bomber motivations are explored in detail. While we do not expect to train bomb disposal technicians, we do hope to instill a sufficient level of knowledge so that our graduate is capable of offering intelligent advice to his employer, establishing basic safety procedures, and knowing what to do during a bombing incident.

  • Types of Explosives
  • Types of Explosive Devices
  • Types of Mechanisms
  • Types of Detonators;
  • Home Made and Incendiary Devices
  • Means in use by the adversary
  • Methods of Concealment
  • Booby traps, Mail-bombs, Car-Bombs
  • Treatment of Mail, Parcels and gifts
  • Search Procedures
  • Methods of Search for Buildings, Vehicular
  • Means & Explosive Devices Identification

Suicide bombing

  • History of suicide bombers and modern terror trends
  • World Jihad: Backbone of •Afghanistan veterans•
  • Suicide Terror – Rational and Justifications
  • Organization and recruitment of suicide bombers
  • Training suicide terrorists for his “holy” mission
  • Suicide Modus Operandi, case studies 1980s to present
  • Types of suicide devices, including car bombs
  • Scenes and footage captured from terrorists filming their intelligence gathering activities.
  • Copycat suicide
  • Forced suicide
  • Mass suicide
  • Tactics
  • Bomber Profile
  • Murder-suicide
  • Ritual suicide
  • Range of opinions
  • Suicide note
  • Teenage suicide
  • Voluntary euthanasia
  • Social Views on Suicide
  • Female suicide
  • Identification & detection of suicide bombers
  • Dealing with imminent attack by armed suicide bomber
  • Incident management tips and guidelines
  • The outlines of a successful security plan to counter this threat
  • The importance of prevention and how to deploy and detect imminent attacks
  • How to respond safely to incidents which may involve secondary bombs or bombers

Module 5 – Emergency Tactical response methods

Weapons Familiarization

  • Familiarization with the weapons and other various means used by “bad guys”
  • Field exercise
  • Couple operation
  • Team operation
  • Protection of VIP’s, facilities and assets in High Risk Zones
  • Low profile protection, Disguising, undercover operation
  • Use concealed special weapon
  • Emergency (attack) Tactical Response Methods

Sniping – Principles

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Counter measures
  • Field exercises



Shalom and Welcome
We have been in the security instruction domain, maybe more than the age of most of our students that have joined us; our institute was established in 1987 by a group of senior retired officers, after completing long careers in the Israeli finest security establishment, together with younger veterans from those organizations we do our best to share our know how and expertise accumulated by the Israeli and other security experts worldwide.

We have successfully developed a very sophisticated and most up to date Israeli DISTANCE  security instruction with ONLINE examination for certification platform  that is very well translate to various languages ( French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese and more) in order to provide our students with a unique and comprehensive Security Instruction materials (prior to their PRACTICAL completion for graduation) that we call the “SECURITY BIBLE“.

Today, we are proud to see tremendous professional achievements by all our candidates who are reaching the peak of our practical completion training. Because of these achievements, we can double the time of practice and drilling, instead of spending time on Academic / Theoretical lectures that are not always understood by all due to language barriers. With this upgrade we have managed to reduce the qualification’s duration which poses as a critical economic barrier for many candidates from the Civilian Security Industry.


 95% of our graduates improved their status in the security industry!

 “Fresh” Graduates of ISA ISRAEL are directed to active  Members that are
Established and operate Security firms worldwide and can offer
employment opportunities.


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Course fees Include:

  • Receiving via internet the  – The ultimate  instruction manual for Elite personnel or Management.
  • Attendance at the professional course.
  • All of the instruction equipment,  vehicles, weapons.
  • T-Shirts & special gifts.
  • Exploring the country while participating in the training.
  • Participation Certificate.

Course’s fees do not include flight & lodging !!!

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Accommodation and Lodging

“Boarding Style Lodging”

  • A trainee needs to calculate 65-75 Euro for his/her own expenses for accommodation & meals per day.
  • ISA-Israel will book the accommodation automatically after registration for the trainee. The trainee will cover the cost of accommodation in the hotel on his/her arrival.

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    • PROTECTION & COUNTER TERRORISM INSTRUCTOR’s SPECIALIZATION course – the candidate should be a former graduate of other ISA – ISRAEL’s courses OR have former protection qualification/experience in the security industry or police/army background.
    • Former protection qualification/experience + certificate issued by any other certified security training providers in the last 2 years   may be accepted as parts of the required  qualification quest .  
    • The candidate should be between the ages of 25-60 (Exceptions possible), reasonable physical fitness, and have records of past or present occupation in the protection service domain.



    • PROTECTION & COUNTER TERRORISM SPECIALIZATION – ELITE PROTECTION OPERATIVE OR parts of  the practical course –  better to have former protection qualification/experience or certificate issued by any other training center in the last 3 years in the security industry.


    • PROTECTION & COUNTER TERRORISM MANAGEMENT SPECIALIZATION course – the candidate should have former protection qualification/experience – certificate issued by any other training center in the last 3 years in the security industry.  

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Required Documents for ISA – ISRAEL  Practical Courses:

These specialized courses are heavily regulated by the Ministry of Defense and Homeland Security of Israel and Switzerland.
Participants must bring to ISA the following documents in order to be accepted for enrollment.

  1. Health Certificate– stating that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the training.
  2. Medical Insurance– each candidate must be covered by his own medical insurance throughout all course activities.
  3. Criminal Background Check/ Security Clearance- certifying that the candidate has no criminal record. 
    Local authority permitted certifying that the candidate has no criminal record. One of these can also be accepted:
  • Active police or Military service or any government department employee identification card or official statements
  • A lawyer statement
  • Valid firearm license
  • Security company employee identification card
  • Please send via internet: 
    • Copy of your Passport with your details on
    • Up-to-date passport picture
    • CV
    • Health Certificate
    • Criminal Background Check/ Security Clearance 

*Those joining the courses  may expect to exploring Israel , Cyprus while drilling and practicing.

*Those coming from countries that are required to get a visa to enter Israel or Cyprus be sure to be advised to obtain a Multiple Entry Visa.

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Upon receiving your registration form + 50% of the training fee  and the requiered security kit documents no later than 90 days prior to the start of the course,  You will receive via  email from the ISA – Israel office the  ISA – ISRAEL’s instruction materials of your program that you should study (and be prepared for theoretical exams)  prior to reaching us.

About 2 weeks  prior to your course, ISA-Israel office will send you a letter with practical instructions for arrival to our training site. 

Course Language- English

  • The course is taught in very basic English- there is NO need to speak fluently.

Recommended- Self Preparatory Training

  • From past experience, we believe that it is vital for the trainee who wishes to take part in our courses to partake in self preparatory training prior to his arrival to our course.

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Physical Fitness Requirements for ISA’s Practical Courses (for graduating the course)

  1. Horizontal bars- 12 or more (Pull ups)
  2. 3000 meters- less than 17 minutes
  3. Parallel Bars- more then 16 (dips)
  4. Sit- ups, cross-legged against the wall, minimum 60 sit ups- less than one and a half minutes
  5. 400 meters- Maximum 75 seconds- running in pairs

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Packing List for Practical Courses:

  • International driving license
  • 2 sets of “Tactical” pens , khaki, black, gray or dark blue- not camouflage
  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 2 sets of corporate casual wear (must have collar)
  • 1 sturdy belt for use of holsters and pistol
  • 1 pair of street shoes (no sneakers)
  • 2 rolls of ? inch medical tape
  • 1 set each ear (foamiest, not muffs) and eye protection
  • 2 knee protectors + 2 elbow protectors
  • 1 set of formal wear, dark colors (suit and tie)
  • 2 passport pictures
  • Digital camera- recommended

Additional Packing List for High Risk & Maritime Protections Courses Only

  • 1 Compass
  • 1 Flash Light
  • 2 long sleeve shirts suitable for desert environment

Packing List for the Management Course- Physical Fitness is NOT Mandatory

  • Casual Wear
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • Laptop- recommended
  • Digital Camera- recommended

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  • If you come from a country that requires a visa to enter Israel or Europe, then please complete your registration and participation payment 45 days prior to the training and apply to the relevant consulate in your country to start the visa process.
  • As your training provider, we are not and cannot be held responsible for any applications for entry into the country you wish to arrive for our courses.  We will assist with providing an invitation and addition letters only after receiving full course fee payment in order to help shorten the visa process. 
  • Consulate staff will require your employment status and organization, a clean criminal record, and the financial mans to pay for your stay during your visit in Israel.

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  • Cancellations by ISA-Israel- we reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or alter the dates or provisions of a course and/or the venue of the course.
  • Cancellations by the client- in the event of a cancellation by the delegate, the delgate’s manager or any representative of the delegate’s organization, bookings will be transferred to the next available course, or to a future date that meets the candidate’s request.  A substitute delegate may be sent at no additional cost provided the substitute meets all necessary pre-entry conditions for that course.  If a booking is cancelled or transferred to a different course by the delegate or their representative, the following fees will be payable:
    • Notice  Given: (1) more than 30 days, 50% fee returned.  (2) Less than 30 days, 0% of fee returned, however, you can transfer to another future date, if places are available.  Telephone cancellations are accepted but most be confirmed immediately in writing (by post, fax, or email). 
    • Placement Deposit: Your booking must be accompanied by a 50% deposit in order to guarantee a spot in the course- if you are not able to make this deposit now, do not place an order.
    • No refund after receive of the Instruction book and manual.

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