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Protection and Counter Terrorism Specialization – Elite Protection Operative

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Course name Price Code
Protection and Counter Terrorism Specialization – Elite Protection Operative CONTAIN: € 4999 PCTS
Personal Protection, Counter Terrorism Awareness and Preparedness € 1599 Course1
Israeli Emergency Tactical Defense Methods  (Krav Maga  + Combat Shooting) € 1599 Course2
Israeli VIP / Close Protection Concepts, Methods And Tactics € 3000 Course3
Security, Protection, Counter Terrorism Procedures and Mode of Operation In High Risk Security € 999 Course4

DATES: 21 October – 16 November – Switzerland + Israel
COST: 4999 Euro including flight from Switzerland – Israel – Switzerland


Principles of the Israeli Security Concepts for Protection and CT Measures

The Security Industry is undergoing a major transformation. Globalization and the proliferation of extremism has created a new reality. Parallel to this, there is a growing tendency by official authorities to transfer the responsibility for public security missions to civilian security companies / organizations, a responsibility traditionally held in the past by law enforcement sectors. This trend follows the government’s desire for a more efficient security apparatus and safer public environment. We are witnessing, and maybe even take part in, this unique process that is occurring in many countries.

Today, due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government, the specialized field of protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. Countries, companies and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves to fill the void created in the security field.

For this trend to continue and help develop the Civilian Security Industry, we must provide more employment and career opportunities for veterans of various military, law enforcement establishments and PMC personnel.

We at International Security Academy – ISRAEL, that has specialized in the field of Protection & Counter Terrorism instruction since 1987, decided to approach and offer our unique qualification expertise and support all with a unique SPECIALIZATION package (Distance + Practical) – Principles of the Israeli Security Concepts for Protection and Counter Terrorism Measures, that will upgrade and enhance them professionally to fill the void in the various security fields.

This Specialization’s uniqueness will provide you with the special edge needed to work in the various and diverse fields of security, such as Counter Terrorism, VIP/Close Protection, Maritime Security, Aviation Security, Installation and Transportation Security and more.
By attending this Specialization and exposing yourself to so many different territories, you will inevitably open yourself up to MANY amazing employment opportunities in the security field. This course offers you the best way to fill the employment void and close the gap created in the private security sector.

Graduates of this unique program are sought after by distinguished protection service clientele and by protection service providers worldwide.

The Objectives of the Specialization

  • To introduce the Israeli protection and counter terrorism concepts in various fields.
  • To enable trainees to test their fitness and ability to work in the global security field.
  • To ensure that our trainees have the best knowledge, methods, and skills that will allow them to both respond to and neutralize a wide variety of threats.
  • To qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the operational capabilities of the Security and Protection Operative, alone or as a member of the Protection Team, in a wide range of environments.
  • To enable each and every one of our trainees to continue giving reliable, efficient and professional services to their clients, mainly beyond the boundaries of their own region or country.

Who Should Attend?

  • Men & women between the ages 21 – 50
  • Such an opportunity is offered also to those who are already active in the security field, who understand that there is Never an End to advancement and training and whose professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the attempt to acquire as wide a range of knowledge as possible

Specialization’s Content
Principles of the Israeli Security Concepts for Protection and CT Measures for:

  • MARITIME SECURITY – Ship Security Officer

Our Specialization’s uniqueness

  • Combining practical and theoretical training methods.
  • Incorporation of special training methods for the development of the participants’ self-confidence and reaction capabilities in high stress situations.
  • Coordination of subjects to develop thinking, initiative, and motivation.
  • Live practice and simulation.
  • Our training programs are different, special and unique – we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.
  • We don’t provide Rambo-style training, but rather improve your mental and physical preparedness.
  • Our training takes place in a disciplined atmosphere.
  • Effective instruction, knowledge and practice improve mental and physical abilities. This will enhance self-confidence, and enable trainees to perform exceptionally.
  • We have successfully developed a very sophisticated and most up to date Israeli instruction platform in ENGLISH and we continue to translate to various languages (French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese) in order to provide our students (prior to their arrival to our training) a unique and comprehensive Security Instruction Manual that we call the “SECURITY BIBLE”.
  • Today, we are proud to see tremendous professional achievements by all our candidates who are reaching the peak of our practical completion training. Because of these achievements, we can double up the time of practice and drilling instead of spending time on Academic/ Theoretical lectures that are not always understood by all due to language barriers. With this upgrade we have managed to reduce the qualification’s duration which poses as a critical economic barrier for many candidates from the Civilian Security Industry.
  • The Mental and Physical prior preparedness and full understanding of all the requirements needed to become a successful security operative, Team leader or Manager delivered successful “WINNERS” that were educated to a very high standard on what to expect, and were able to reduce for themselves the course’s difficulties, to pass all exams with ease, gained very high scores with an unforgettable life experience!

Our trainee’s achievements:

  • Understanding of the collection and evaluation of intelligence and threat assessment.
  • Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of actual assassinations and attempts.
  • Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
  • Knowledge of the basic history of protective services and the ability to identify key concepts and terms of this unique segment of the security field.
  • The ability to undertake threat analysis, including evaluations of internal and external threats.
  • Awareness of technical capabilities such as surveillance, detection and alarm equipment.
  • The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capabilities and operational fitness.
  • The ability to build effective professional relationships with the police, security personnel, the public, businesses and employees within their field of operation.
  • The ability to undertake field operations involving vehicle and pedestrian movement, command center operation and static post assignments.
  • Understand convoy formations and vehicular movement, tactics and strategies.
  • Exposure to the Arab/Islamic culture; its social habits, religion, language, and rituals.
  • Our trainees originate from diverse backgrounds, and participate to create amicable training relationships.

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