The ultimate qualification quest for:
Better Operating of a proficient Security & Protection Array including
Familiarization for reducing, overcoming the existing New Technologic threats,
used in the 21st Century.



In order to empower and to encourage the economy’s entrepreneurs’ activities worldwide, We the Security Executives in the various Security and Protection sectors, must also improve ourselves and accumulate as much expertise and functional capacities for providing to these entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations, better secure, safer conditions, and stable atmosphere Beyond the boundaries of their home region or country.

Dear Security service provider, for improving your own service’s provision performance, you should operate A Qualified and proficient ELITE Protection Team Leader that should be your “Game changer”!

“This is not merely an idea,
It’s the reality of the social and global evolution.”

Program Introduction

The objective of this qualification quest is to prepare a new cadre of ELITE Protection professionals who will steer the Private Security Industry through the hostile times ahead. The times that have been a result of the pandemic, loss of economic opportunities, increase in crime, Political polarization, sophistication in modus operandi and the lack of preparedness on our end to mitigate them all.

Below explained is the process in brief of how this program will be executed together, by ISA-Israel and its partners in the coming months. The said program will be transforming its participants using the content form the Israeli Security Doctrine, Elite & Unique Training Methodologies, and The Mental & Physical Preparedness ISA-Israel has built since 1987.

The Process

The Qualification Process for a participant to become an ELITE Close/Protection Professional is set to be 6 weeks as per ISA-Israel Standards. These 6 weeks will melt the metal of its participants and re-engineer them into elements who can DETER, IDENTIFY, MITIGATE most security threats (in that order) that we have faced so far.

This process is shared in brief in the pages ahead. Feel free to revert for any queries that you might have on the Process, and we will be happy to discuss/explain.

2 weeks each session – 6 weeks at once


  • VIP/Close Protection operation
  • Counter Terrorism awareness
  • Maritime Security
  • Aviation Security
  • Sensitive Installations Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Valuables transportation Security
  • HR Protection Operations

Special Qualification Quest
Takes Your Career to The Next Level



Session 1VIP/Close Protection Classic – Single Operative – Europe

Session 2 VIP/Close Protection Team operationBalkan

Session 3Management, Leadership & Familiarization with the most up to date Technology for Security and protection tasksIsrael, Egypt, Jordan

In order to equip our trainees with real Practical “field” experience, we run our courses in a unique and especial – “Moving training mode”.


Visiting and practicing – “live” Protection mission drills in various countries that help much to reach expertise and the familiarization with various aspects required from ELITE Protection Personnel active in various environments & conditions.

A robust security setup is not about technology or sophistication of weapons.
It’s the strength that is packed into the human element that doesn’t accept defeat.

What is so special about this Qualification Quest?

  • The program will give the participants the opportunity to obtain the ultimate Israeli professional qualification and expertise.
  • The training system will enable the participants to test their fitness and ability to work in the Protection field in general and in the VIP/Close Protection field in particular.
  • The qualification system will give the participants or their employers a prognosis, to provide satisfaction, and avoid unnecessary expense caused by those who may achieve low scores in the preparatory stage of the ELITE Qualification quest.
  • The achievements and benefits in each session of the program will encourage the participants to progress further and complete the whole qualification process.
  • The education system will strengthen the participants for each consecutive session.
  • The training combines theoretical (ONLINE) and practical training methods Incorporation of special training methods for development of the participant’s self- confidence and reaction capabilities under high stress situations are a definite feature.
  • Coordination of subjects that develop, Quick Thinking, Initiative, and Motivation.
  • The Multinational aspect of our training’s groups assist in networking, an aspect that after graduation assists participants to manage and develop their professional careers individually.


In order to equip our trainees with real Practical “field” experience, we run our courses in a unique and especial – “Moving training mode”.

Visiting and practicing “live” Protection mission drills in various countries that help much to reach expertise and the familiarization with various aspects required from ELITE Protection Personnel active in various environments & conditions.

Close Protection is about SILENCE.
Reconnaissance, Arrival, Stay & Departure must be as quiet as one must get.

Designated for:

  • Security practitioners, women and men, former protection qualification/service experience in the security industry or police/army background.
  • Candidates that have any former protection qualification certificate issued by any other certified security training providers in the last 5 years will be very welcome and encouraged to join us.
  • The candidate should be between the ages – 25-60 (exceptions are possible), reasonable physical fitness + written authorization from physician stating you are fit to participate in physical activities.
  • These specialized courses are highly regulated by Defense Ministry of the State of Israel and by the Homeland Security Ministry.
  • No criminal record certificate from your local police.
  • Letter of intention from trainee for activities after graduation

Such opportunity is offered to those who are active in the field of Security education, who understand that there is Never an End to advancement and training and whose Professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the attempt to acquire as wide a range of knowledge as possible.

We offer to join us for sharing with you our expertise for supporting your efforts to upgrading Mental, Physical Empowerment and Preparation for your entire communities (youth, women, and men) for better functioning and coping with violent crime and terrorism encounters.

To obtain this objective we have freed ourselves of all barriers, Such as Religion, Language, Political Conflicts, etc.

The offered special qualification quest training will start with:

Guided Self-Preparation – Country of origin (Group, ONLINE).

The Method

Training Objective: Preparatory /Suitability training for preparing capable candidates from the different countries, these will consist of:

  1. ONLINE Interview
  2. Enrollment + payment – 3 installments 
  3. Guided Self preparatory Trainings and physical tests 


To prepare those enrolled into the program for what is to come in the 6 weeks Qualification quest. The process will include general interviews of candidates (Online), aptitude tests, basic training, and physical ability development guidance to make sure we invest our instructions in the right candidate.
They will be introducing the qualified participants to the ISA-Israel’s “Security Bible”. A unique instruction manual with over 4000 pages of practical and proven security literature that has been developed and that still goes through reform constantly with time and situations.

  • The preparatory training will be ONLINE, held during 8 weeks prior to the participation in the VIP/Close Protection specialization course.
  • ISA-Israel’s instructors will run that preparatory training with the candidates interested in joining the professional VIP/Close Protection domain and training.


Preparatory Training Syllabus 

Mental Preparedness & Empowerment Training Program

This is an extensive practical training program initiated by ISA-Israel, based on the real Israeli expertise, concepts, and methods to strengthen people when coping with high pressure situations. It deals with self-empowerment and team-empowerment.

The program’s objectives

  • To improve the mental and physical abilities of our trainees for better coping and better functioning in situations resulting from violent crimes, Terrorism threats, or strikes and various catastrophes occurring in our modern society.

What is so special in this training program?

  • Israel is continually under threat of terrorist attacks from within and from outside the country, therefore the Israeli population have been trained and given the ability to overcome unexpected attacks and to adapt to high threat situations of extreme violence.
  • The program combines simulated and dynamic training, and hands-on drills infused with psychological solutions and emotional resiliency training.
  • Our primary objective is to provide our trainees with an unforgettable experience that is unique, a magnificent opportunity to develop and apply solid leadership strengths.
  • The program is based on models developed by ISA-ISRAEL; Leveraging ISA core expertise has created a unique avant-garde development program concentrating on personal inner strength-based leadership.
  • Our Training programs are different, special, and unique – we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.
  • Our preparation methods for this struggle resembles a vaccine against viruses, which is a weakened dosage of the cause of the illness, which causes the immune system to strengthen without damaging it, thus achieving future inoculation against similar diseases.
  • The various analyses together with the vast experience accumulated in Israel and throughout the world have led to an unequivocal conclusion: To improve our ability to understand and operate under emotional and psychological stress, during situations of violence and pressure, we combine practical training, simulations of unusual situations, and drills.

Personal empowerment training activities 

  1. Introducing emotional intelligence and psychological resiliency training: techniques for mental preparedness in high-pressure situations.
  2. Practical drills on strength, endurance, speed, agility, and determination.
  3. Teamwork development and hands-on Resistance development and emotional stability to promote abilities to function under pressure.
  4. Learning “the victim behavior”, hands-on exercises in implementing preventative behavioral measures.
  5. Exercises in identifying potential aggressors and taking proper preventative measures.
  6. Learning self-defense techniques that are effective, easy to learn, and easy to retain.
  7. Learning practical methods for non-verbal communication, including body language and tools to strengthen self-confidence.
  8. Learning methods to improve and retain physical fitness as well as body endurance.
  9. Understanding assertive behavior though simulating violent confrontations.


Participant’s achievements

The participants will:

  • Experience a deep, sustainable genuine change with preparedness for future challenges.
  • Possess a solid proactive sense, “take-charge” mode, and strong personal visions that serve as life guidance in decision making process.
  • Have supreme confidence, high self-esteem, and a lucid state of mind.
  • Get steadfast improvement to function under pressure mentally and physically.
  • Feel renewed and will experience personal growth and be highly motivated.
  • Improve self-control; be able to mitigate and overcome any intimidations which typically appear in modern society.
  • Discover and sustain their personal inner strength.

Training Objectives:

This level is expose to the participants what will be needed from them in terms of physical, mental and emotional toughness in order to learn the time tested Israeli concepts of protection, methods to strengthen oneself and those in the team to successfully deal with high pressure situations arising from hostile threats/ situations, terrorism, and other man created and god intended situations that might arise while they stand guard to that they are assigned to protect.

The entire process will be filmed and broadcasted!!!

The Corona Pandemic restrictions and its ” slowdown ” economic impacts create massive dramatic changes Globally, that has brought to all areas of life has also created serious concerns for both Personal Security & Safety and the protection of investments and business developments located in critical areas around the globe.

Security, therefore, has taken the forefront in international, governmental, and corporate strategies. A significant lack of sufficiently secure and safe conditions prevents and even jeopardizes economic developments, and nowadays even sports events carry the label “Mission Impossible.”

However, an especially important branch of the civil security sector – the VIP/Close Protection branch – has not been given enough attention and preparation for its improved functioning in the 21st century.

We all know that in modern democratic society, public bodies, economic companies, media, cultural, Senior Executives/Decision makers manage entertainment and industrial organizations and others = VIPs.

These executives are symbols of power and wealth. Their high position places them in the public eye and media attention, and, as a result, they are liable to be targeted by both individuals and groups (competitors, terrorist and crime organizations, mentally unstable individuals, etc.).

Many of the VIPs often refrain from using protection services because of lack of reliable and efficient professional services.

As a result, many of them take unnecessary risks, not only for themselves and their organizations but also for their families, employees and even innocent by-passers.

The lack of sufficient secure and safe conditions for these executives prevents or reduce economic developments for the entire world society.

Due to the fact that we are aware to the vitality and contribution of this special security field to public needs, and after discussions and thorough research, with Professional active colleagues and also with many distinguished clients from worldwide.

The need for qualified Elite Protection Operatives capable of providing services related to the protection of assets (sensitive installations) and VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, UN employees and even cargo ship’s crews has increased tremendously.

A few hundred years ago in the western world there were those who chose to serve in the protection of their employers, and they were called “Musketeers.” In Asia, they were known as “Samurai” or “Biaushi” in China. No matter what they were called, all knew the definition of their profession and their duties:

To keep their Protégé’s secure and safe wherever they went!

Today, due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government to the civilian workforce, this specialized field of Personal protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. Countries, companies, and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field.

This sector gave society a few norms of behavior that gained high respect and honor from its communities.

In the 21st century, those who deal with the protection of their employers are called Bodyguards, Close Protection Operatives, and VIP/Executive Protection Specialists. More recently, they have been called PSD Operators and Personal Security Details/Detachments because of their deployment in High-risk zones or missions, which have become known as the most dangerous areas for VIPs (not necessary heads of state).

For years, we have experienced an increase in the number of Female Bodyguards. Women in positions of Female VIP/Close Protection operatives are being sought after by VIPs to protect their families (wives and children) 24/7, including themselves in High-Risk threat situations.

Female celebrities are very keen on the use of other females as bodyguards, as it is also a means of expressing their support of women’s empowerment. Especially due do to the fact that the VIP Protection sector has been a male-dominated field, there is a void posed by the absence of women in the field from which female clients can pick from.

Most VIP’s that are from various religions including cultural and diverse nationalities, are requiring female professionals for the protection of their wives and families.

Male bodyguards in a protection team consider their female counterparts as the ‘Secret Weapon’ of the strategic and tactical professional protection team!

These specially trained and highly skilled personnel are hired to protect individuals or assets of organizations that operate in High-Risk environments like Africa, and South America and ….

Many romantic stories and legends were told about these unique individuals and in most of these stories they were described as the bravest of warriors, heroes, or supermen. This profession created an aura around those who chose to specialize and live by the rules of the field. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.

In order for this trend to continue and to help the Civilian Security Industry to develop, we, the Security Executives in the various Private Sectors, must also improve ourselves and accumulate as much know-how and practical experience as possible.

The state of Israel and its citizens have unfortunately been enforced to cope, for many years, with different Security Problems. As a result of this need, we have had to develop (and we still do) Unique Security concepts, Methods, Techniques, Tactics, Instruction Methods and Equipment in order to successfully deal with the different tasks which confront us in the various sectors, the governmental and the civil/ business one.

WE, at ISA-ISRAEL, have trained in the last 35 years thousands of ELITE Protection operatives and Management personnel from more than 100 countries.

We are proud to realize that we have reached an internationally acclaimed status and we are considered as “one of the Best” institution for ELITE Security qualification. Thus, we continue to enhance, improve, and maximize our Graduates employment opportunities after qualifying with ISA – ISRAEL.

The objective of the International Security Academy – Israel, which holds professional and business relationships with many colleagues around the world), is to share the know-how and practical experience which has been accumulated by both Israelis and colleagues throughout the world, thus contributing to the development of the international economy by assisting to the prevention of Crime and Terror throughout the world.

Session 1 – VIP/Close Protection Classic Single Operation – training
Duration – weeks


To qualify the candidates in understanding the principles of the VIP/Close Protection Security Architecture. Everything that goes into selecting & developing tools, tactics, and personnel.

The training objectives:

  • To introduce the Israeli Executive/ Close / VIP Protection Concepts, methods, and tactics.
  • To enable trainees to test their fitness and ability to work in the Executive/ Close / VIP Protection branch.
  • To give the applicants or their employers a prognosis, in order to prevent dissatisfaction and unnecessary expenses from those who may achieve low scores in the VIP Protection Operative’s course.
  • To ensure that our trainees will have the basic knowledge, methods and skills that will allow them to both respond to and neutralize a wide variety of threats to the safety and well-being of the VIP they were hired to protect.
  • To qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the operational capabilities of the Protection operative to become a member of the Protection Team in a wide range of environments.

What is so special in this training program?

  • Combining practical and theoretical training methods.
  • Incorporation of special training methods for development of the participants’ self-confidence and reaction capabilities under high stress situations.
  • Coordination of subjects to develop Thinking, Initiative, and Motivation.
  • Live practice and simulation.
  • Our Training Programs are different, special, and unique – we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.
  • We don’t provide Rambo-style, but rather improve your mental and physical preparedness.
  • Our training takes place in a disciplined atmosphere.
  • Effective instruction, knowledge and practice improve mental and physical abilities. This will enhance self-confidence and enable students to perform exemplary.
  • Our trainees originate from diverse backgrounds and participate to create amicable training relationships.

Trainee’s achievements 

  • The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capabilities and operational fitness of those who wish to act as Proficient Protection Operative.
  • A basic understanding of the collection and evaluation of intelligence as it relates to the principal and threat assessment.
  • Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of actual assassinations and attempts.
  • Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
  • Knowledge of the basic history of protective services and the ability to identify key concepts and terms of this unique segment of the security field.
  • The information necessary to integrate all elements of an executive protection mission into a working field operation.
  • The ability to undertake threat analysis, including evaluations of internal and external threats.
  • The ability to successfully clear an area as safe from threats to the VIP. This process will be understood as part of an overall operation that involves movement by the VIP from one place to another.
  • Understand and practice correctly for motions related to both pedestrian and vehicular movement.
  • Understand and practice proper vehicle, person, and room search techniques.

Outcome Overview:

By the end of this level, the participants are qualified to be detailed as single operatives for VIP’s. They will have learned how to operate as individuals protecting a principle. They would have learnt the key elements of the Israeli Protection Doctrine and will be qualified for not just VIP/Close protection but also a wide range of security operations when they are required to do so.

The key differentiator between the Israeli Close protection instruction and what is prevalent today   is to not create RAMBO-STYLE operatives who draw unnecessary attention to the VIP. The operatives trained by ISA-Israel have the know how to blend into the environment and keep their principle secured at all times. The KRAV MAGA + VIP Protection drills empower the participants with elevated levels of self-confidence and self-reliance to be able to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be successful at their job.

They will also learn the importance of collecting, collating, interpreting, and utilizing data (intelligence) related to their principle in order to keep them safe and secured. They will present case studies of close protection missions where the principle was taken to safety and those where the principle was lost. There will be simulations of real-life situations that will expose their proficiency of having understood the Israeli Close Protection doctrine they have spent 14 + 21 days, on. They will also be introduced to the basic of VIP driving (only those with valid BALKAN – EUROPE Driving License), area and   people sanitization techniques, identifying adversary by body language, modus operandi, etc.

The amount of REALISM we pack in our training, determines our success during conflict.
Unless mental and physical limitations are eliminated during training, the conflict will not oer victory.

Session 2 – VIP/Close Protection Team operation
Duration – 2 weeks 

  • VIP/Close Protection Team operation
  • Counter Terrorism awareness
  • Maritime Security
  • Aviation Security
  • Sensitive Installations Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Valuables transportation Security
  • HR Protection Operations  

The Multinational aspect of our training’s groups assist in networking, an aspect that after graduation assists participants to manage and develop their professional careers individually.

In order to equip our trainees with real Practical “field” experience, we run our courses in a unique and especial – “Moving training mode”.

Visiting and practicing “live” Protection mission drills in various countries that help much to reach expertise and the familiarization with various aspects required from ELITE Protection Personnel active in various environments & conditions.


To qualify the candidates to work as teams to protect their principle. Working in a close protection team is both efficient and dangerous. While there is leverage of many eyes, minds and hands, a wrong move by one could push the entire team and their principle into dangerous waters. So, this level become as much important to build the ELITE operative as any other.

The training objectives

  • To provide our trainees with advanced methods and skills that will allow them to both respond to and neutralize a wide variety of threats to the safety and well- being of the Protectee/VIP or Asset they are designated to protect.
  • To provide our trainees with advanced knowledge to better provide protective services in a wide range of environments.

Trainee’s achievements 

  • The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capability and operational fitness of those who act or intend to act as Executive/ Close / VIP Protection Team member or Leader.
  • Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of attack strategies encountered during HR mission’s operations.
  • Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
  • Knowledge of the basic information necessary to integrate all elements of HR protective missions into a working field operation.
  • Understand and practice convoy formations and vehicular movement, tactics, and strategies.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of a protection team, in a manner that emphasizes team integration, cooperation and communication elements of a VIP protective mission.
  • The ability to plan the safe arrival and departure of a VIP within the context of a VIP Protection Team mission.
  • Understanding how to relay accurate information, such as descriptions and directions, to others in a protective service team.
  • The ability to build effective professional relationships with the police, security personnel, the public, businesses, and employees within their field of operation.
  • The ability to undertake field operations involving vehicle and pedestrian movement, command center operation and static post assignments.
  • Awareness of technical capabilities such as surveillance, detection, and alarm equipment.
  • Thorough understanding of how these mechanical and electronic assets can be integrated into Protection Team operations.
  • Understanding the importance of proper staffing, the assignment of protective services and other security personnel as it relates to the protection of the VIP.
  • Understanding of and the ability to execute the necessary maintenance procedures of secured areas over extended periods where the VIP remains static.
  • Understanding of the value of such relationships in terms of enhancing service to the client, as well as increased safety for the client and others assigned to the mission.
  • Exposure to various culture, its social habits, the religion, the language, and the rituals.

What is so special in this training program?

  • The training will expose the participants to Israeli unique expertise, which was accumulated in various HR missions worldwide.
  • The training includes simulations and “live” drills in various unfamiliar environments.
  • The trainees will be hosted by locals, for a better understanding of the local culture, religion, manners, and language, in order to avoid unwanted and unnecessary conflicts with the local population during these HR missions.
  • The stage’s qualification will focus on team building, leadership, and the difficulties in the operation of a Protection team in different environments (land, sea, and air) and in protecting various VIPs/Celebrities in Israel and other interesting environments.
  • The “live” drills will be stimulating and full of attractive surprises for improving the trainee’s awareness and professionalism.

Outcome Overview:

Participants in this level learn to work in teams. This is where the ego’s clash and it brings out the leader in each. Inevitably they fail in the first few drills. And then they learn to adapt and adjust to each other. The most critical aspect of a team – Spirit De Corps is built. They understand delegation of protective processes, coordination between various teams designated with specific roles, changing roles based on crisis or situational requirements, convoy procedures, selection of vehicles, dynamics of reconnaissance, integrating different aspects of their principles professional and personal life, handling client information, validating his info, maintaining Operational Secrecy. Each participant will be placed in leadership roles at the most hostile situations.

You can relate this level to the ‘Antim Pag’ that cadet officers cross in the armed forces. By this level, everything that can possibility hold these ELITE Operatives back would have been destroyed many times. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally, they are now ready to be deployed to protect the ELITE principles as both single operatives, in teams and even Lead a protection team as an ELITE Team Leader.

Operational Management, Leadership & Familiarization with the most up to date existing Technology for Security and protection tasks.

Session 3 -Protective Information & Intelligence
                      Concepts, methods, tactics & Technologies

Duration – 2 weeks 


Operative intelligence gathering methods.

 Topic – “HUMINT – The Human Side of Intelligence”

This module will focus on the human factor in the collection of intelligence. It will cover both open and clandestine sources of information.

  • Open sources of information include newspapers, magazines, commercial news clipping services, court transcripts and filings, libraries, and public records.
  • Clandestine sources will analyze the history and current status of undercover agents, their recruitment, training, management, evaluation and control.
  • Before the gained information can be put to work for the organization’s relevant departments, verification is necessary to ascertain its accuracy.
  • Undercover activity: Building and adapting a cover, protection against undercover operators.
  • Operative actions: Covert searches + information gathering from target +obtaining documents.
  • Recruitment and “running” of operatives: Finding, recruiting, and “running” the candidate.
  • How to prevent mishaps, pre-hiring checks.
  • Planting an operative: How it is done?

Topic – Surveillance

In this module the student will get acquainted with the techniques of physical and technical surveillance, for the purpose of obtaining information and/or evidence while conducting an investigation. The student will learn the difference between covert vs. overt surveillance and the means by which they are carried out depending upon the situation.

The module will cover the various methods used in the field as well as the applications of modern technology to expand the field agent’s reach.

  • Covert vs. overt surveillance
  • Types of surveillance
  • Preparation
  • Observation – day/night, quiet/crowded area, urban/suburban area
  • Surveillance on foot and per vehicle
  • Stationary surveillance and observation posts
  • Operational disguises and make-up
  • Communication – overt/covert, concealed on person or in vehicle, familiarity with equipment and its operation.
  • Surveillance technology
  • Identification – by picture or description
  • Report writing

Topic – Technical surveillance equipment & electronic countermeasures

In this module, different surveillance methods will be reviewed, including mechanical, electronic, visual and optical attacks. Mechanical attacks comprise everything from tape recording to physical capture of the information through oral or written form. Visual and optical attacks perhaps present the most common, least suspected form of intelligence collection.

  • Various countermeasures to RF and wave transmitters, including infrared, laser and air techniques for intelligence collection.
  • Detection, through systematic methods of conducting a physical search, electronic countermeasures and nullification including a practical understanding of how to conduct electronic sweeps to detect radio transmitters.
  • How to conduct a physical search.
  • Nullification of all surveillance methods.

Topic – Phone line tapping countermeasures.

  1. Basic electricity and measurement, transmitters, overt and clandestine, telephone analyzers, and non-linear junction detectors.
  2. Electronic switching systems, central office procedures, telephone testing, line tapping and tracing.
  3. Telephone system design, security practices, and devices like scramblers.
  4. Effective methods of nullification and all methods of telephonic intercepts.

Topic – Covert video technology and sting operations

This module will teach the student basic theory, application and the technology available for covert video surveillance.

  • Equipment, from light source to final monitoring, recording and printing for legal documentation.
  • Developments in video technology miniaturization and remote transmission, video motion detectors, VCRs and frame storage devices.
  • The practical application of video surveillance in retail stores as well as open-air surveillance.
  • “Sting operations”: how they are set up, site selection, security operatives, video camera selection and operation, identification of suspects, evidence preservation and documentation. (While the course is focused on criminal surveillance for the law enforcement community, there are numerous private security applications of sting operations)

 Topic – Electronic tracking technology

  • Tracking theory and its application in an urban environment, field-tracking problems, placement of transmitters, and re-acquisition of lost signals.
  • New technologies and their potential use in the security field such as satellite communication networks. Such technologies have potential use for tracking everything from stolen property to kidnap victims.

 Topic – Computer intelligence collection and security – Cyber security

Intelligence collection by computer is a rapidly expanding technology and service that is readily available to a growing number of private investigators, security officers and law enforcement investigators.

This module will cover many databases that can be accessed by computer, including personal and business records, asset’s location and local address searches.

  • The essentials of computer security, including security software programs, operational security systems, protection of hardware devices, protection of software and data, transmission security, audit trails and standard practice procedures for computer systems.

Topic – Surveillance detection – concepts, methods, and tactics

Topic – Social engineering

Topic – Information gathering methods & means.

Topic – questioning, overt- covert, interrogation

Topic – Information Protection methods & means.


Internal security

 This module will cover issues including personnel, document and physical security.

  • Personnel security refers to the policies and procedures intended to determine that an individual is not currently a security risk and are not likely to become one. A personnel security program is intended to prevent criminal activities by employees, espionage attempts by external intelligence forces and unintentional acts by employees that could lead to a compromising situation.
  • Document security, classification management, reproduction, disposal and transmission of sensitive or classified documents.
  • Physical security includes issues like access control, security patrols, personnel identification and visitor control, as well as methods of detecting unauthorized intrusion or activity, alarm systems and facility clearances.

TopicSimulative drills and practice of information, Data and knowledge planning (field exercises)

 Very Important Issues

  • Intelligence & Information
  • Deception & Concealment
  • Deterrence
  • Secrecy & Confidentiality

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Requirements & Duties description by International NGOs
and other international security related employers


  • Completion of an international, national or commercial close protection training is desirable.
  • ELITE Protection Team Leader Certification is highly desirable.
  • Recent (within two years) successful completion of an emergency trauma bag certification or equivalent of a first aid certification is desirable.
  • High standard of physical fitness is desirable.
  • Training in martial arts and/or specialized security practices is an asset.
  • English communication capacity and control

Academic and professional qualifications
High school diploma or equivalent technical or vocational certificate.
A valid driver’s license is required.


  • A minimum of ten years of experience in the military, police or security management is required.
  • A minimum five years of progressively responsible experience in close protection, as well as a minimum two years of experience in close protection management at the supervisory level with a national, private or international security organization is required.
  • At least one year experience and exposure at the international level and in a conflict or a post conflict environment is required.
  • Experience and proficiency in the use of close protection weapons, communications, surveillance equipment, and vehicles is required.


  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities in stressful environments.
  • Demonstrated ability of excellent judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrated planning and organizing skills and the ability to develop clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies and to identify priority activities and assignments.
  • Able to identify the key issues in complex situation of close protection operations.
  • Able to gather relevant information before making a decision and consider positive and negative impact on others and on the Organization.
  • Excellent knowledge of close protection tactics and techniques combined with a solid background of military, police or security specialization.
  • Able to recognize and appropriately react to threats.
  • Ability to effectively deal with stress factor when encountered in close protection operations.
  • Speaks and writes clearly and effectively.
  • Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals.
  • Identifies the key issues in complex situation of close protection operations.
  • Demonstrated capability of rapid decision-making in emergencies (with little margin of error), under conditions of extreme stress or when rapid response is required.

In accordance with Agency policy and procedures, the incumbent:

Management of the Close Protection Team:

  • Manages the Close Protection (CP) Team in accordance with the close protection guidance.
  • Implements mitigation strategies to deter or deny any identified threat to preserve the security, safety and wellbeing of the Protégée.
  • Produces and coordinates his/her unit’s operational plans, exercises and reviews courses of action in conjunction with the assessed threat and in accordance with Agency’s close protection policy, guidance and standard operating procedures.
  • Conducts all close protection operations as outlined by the Agency’s close protection policies and guidelines; and ensures that close protection operations are conducted in accordance with Agency’s methodology and standards.
  • Establishes and deploys close protection teams tactically trained to meet the assessed threat.
  • Prepares regular operational reports with analysis and recommendations.
  • Establishes clear lines of authority between members of the VIP/CP Team.
  • Provides risk briefings to Agency’s managers on close protection concerns for the official travels or daily activities of his Protégée.

Administrative and training requirements:

  • Determines equipment, facility and supply needs based on operational requirements.
  • Plans, coordinates and conducts close protection training and exercises to ensure that operational readiness and competence is maintained to the Agency’s standards.
  • Supervises the performance of individual team members.
  • Establishes a rotational schedule for CP Team members, in and out of the unit.
  • Identifies gaps in existing capability and makes recommendations for amendment where necessary.
  • Supervises monitoring of equipment of teams and ensures minimum equipment requirements are supplied, maintained and deployed in accordance with relevant policy.
  • Coordinates with the Protection Coordination Officer or equivalent in drafting the Statements of Requirements and provides technical specifications for the procurement of unit and team equipment.
  • Provides inputs related to close protection to the mission’s budget proposal.

Coordination of CP activities:

  • Gathers and analyses information relevant to the tactical level of close protection operations, in coordination with relevant parties, to include other appropriate security organizations as required.
  • Within delegated authority, liaises with relevant host country civilian police, military, law enforcement officials and others as necessary.
  • Coordinates with other mission security, military and/or police components and support services.

Security inspections and surveys:

  • Assists the Senior CSO in the preparation of the threat and tactical risk assessments reports recommending close protection specialized mitigating measures based on the threat identified.














95% of our graduates improved their status in the security industry!

 “Fresh” Graduates of ISA – ISRAEL are directed to contact Active Alumni that are
already established and operate Security firms worldwide and can offer guidance & employment opportunities.

Course fee Includes:

  • Attendance at the professional course.
  • All the instruction equipment, vehicles, weapons.
  • T-Shirts & personal gifts.
  • Exploring the countries while participating in the training.
  • Participation Certificate.

Course’s fee does not include flight & lodging during the training!!!

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Accommodation and Lodging

“Boarding Style Lodging”

  • ISA-Israel will book the accommodation automatically after receiving the registration form and payment from the candidate.
  • The trainee will cover his cost of accommodation in the hotel on his/her arrival to the training center.
  • A trainee needs to calculate 25-45 Euro for his/her own expenses for accommodation & 3 meals per day.

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Required Documents for PRACTICAL courses:

For securing your spot in the required PRACTICAL course you should complete your relevant ONLINE CERTIFICATION.

Your registration form and full fee payment should arrive to ISA – ISRAEL no later than 30 days prior to the start of the PRACTICAL course.  

ISA – ISRAEL’s specialized courses are heavily regulated by the Ministry of Defense and Homeland Security of Israel and various countries when we act.
Participants must provide via email + (bring the original upon arriving) to ISA – ISRAEL the following documents in order to be accepted for enrollment:

  1. Health Certificate– stating that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the training (from your personal Medic).
  2. Medical Insurance– each candidate must be covered by his own medical insurance throughout all course activities.
  3. Criminal Background Check/ Security Clearance- certifying that the candidate has no criminal record:

    Local authority permitted certifying that the candidate has no criminal record.
    One of these can also be accepted:
  • Active police or Military service or any government department employee identification card or official statements
  • A lawyer statements
  • Valid firearm license
  • Security company employee identification card
    Please bring with a printed folder consisting of:
  • Copy of your Passport with your details on
  • Up-to-date passport picture
  • CV
  • Health Certificate
  • Criminal Background Check/ Security Clearance

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Participation admission

2 weeks prior to your course start, ISA-ISRAEL office will send you an invitation letter for use if needed to apply for your visa and it will include practical instructions for your arrival to our meeting point with the training group members.

Course Language- English

  • The course is taught in very basic English- there is NO need to speak fluently.

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  • If you come from a country that requires a visa to enter Israel or Europe, then please complete your registration and participation payment 45 days prior to the training and apply to the relevant consulate in your country to start the visa process.
  • As your training provider, we are not and cannot be held responsible for any applications for entry into the country you wish to arrive for our courses. We will assist with providing an invitation and addition letters only after receiving full course fee payment in order to help shorten the visa process.
  • Consulate staff will require your employment status and organization, a clean criminal record, and the financial mans to pay for your stay during your visit in Israel.
  • Candidates that are required to apply for visa to join our courses in ISRAEL or any other country where we plan to enter for drilling 1-2 days during the course, be advised to obtain a Multiple Entry Visa for your return.


Recommended- Self Preparatory Training

  • From past experience, we believe that it is vital for the trainee who wishes to take part in our courses to partake in self preparatory training prior to his arrival to our course.

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Physical Fitness Requirements for ISA’s Practical Courses (for graduating the course)

  1. Horizontal bars- 12 or more (Pull ups)
  2. 3000 meters- less than 17 minutes
  3. Parallel Bars- more then 16 (dips)
  4. Sit- ups, cross-legged against the wall, minimum 60 sit ups- less than one and a half minutes
  5. 400 meters- Maximum 75 seconds- running in pairs

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Packing List for Practical Courses:

  • International driving license
  • 2 sets of “Tactical” pens , khaki, black, gray or dark blue- NOT camouflaged
  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 2 sets of corporate casual wear (must have collar)
  • 1 sturdy belt for use of holsters and pistol
  • 1 pair of street shoes (no sneakers)
  • 2 rolls of ? inch medical tape
  • 1 set each ear (foamiest, not muffs) and eye protection
  • 2 knee protectors + 2 elbow protectors
  • 1 set of formal wear, dark colors (suit and tie)
  • 2 passport pictures
  • Digital camera- recommended
  • Laptop
  • 1 Compass
  • 1 Flashlight
  • 2 long sleeve shirts suitable for desert environment
  • Casual Wear
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • Laptop
  • Digital Camera- recommended


  • Cancellations by ISA-Israel- we reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or alter the dates or provisions of a course and/or the venue of the course.
  • Cancellations by the client, the delegate’s manager or any representative of the delegate’s organization, bookings will be transferred to the next available course, or to a future date that meets the candidate’s request, you can transfer to another future date, if places are available.
  • A substitute delegate may be sent at no additional cost provided the substitute meets all necessary pre-entry conditions for that course.
  • If a booking is cancelled or transferred to a different course by the delegate or their representative, the following fees will be payable additional cost:
    • Notice Given: Less than 30 days, 50% of fee to pay.
    • Less than 21 days, you can transfer to another future date only if places are available.  
    • Telephone cancellations are accepted but most be confirmed immediately in writing (by post, fax, or email).
    • Your booking must be accompanied by a 100% payment in order to guarantee a spot in the course- if you are not able to make this payment now, do not place your registration form.
    • No refund after receiving of the Instruction book and manual.

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2023 – 2024 



The courses’ fee include:

  • 3 installments of the course fee
  • Guided preparatory self-training in the country-of-Origin 6o days prior to joining the Practical training.
  • FREE “Israeli Security Bible ” the most comprehensive instruction manual – DISTANCE / ONLINE
  • Transportations in Europe, Balkan, and Middle east (Israel) during the Practical training period
  • Flight from the Balkan (end of session 2) to Israel











8 Weeks
8 meetings

6 Weeks







8 Weeks
8 meetings

6 Weeks






8 Weeks
8 meetings

6 Weeks








For training and qualifying:



8 Weeks

4 Weeks





 Only for Graduates of PHASE 1


For training and qualifying:



8 Weeks

4 Weeks







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