As a part of the 35-th Anniversary of ISA – ISRAEL,
We wish to encourage capable candidates to enter this unique Protection branch via:


Intended for Women & Men



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The “Modern Samurai” Of the 21st Century
HOW TO BECOME A Successful bodyguard In the 21st century




We all know that in modern democratic society, public bodies, economic companies, media, cultural, entertainment and industrial organizations and others are managed by Senior Executives/Decisions Makers.

These Executives are symbols of power and wealth. Their high position places them in the public eye and media attention, and, as a result, they are liable to be targeted by both individuals and groups (competitors, terrorist and crime organizations, mentally unstable individuals, etc.).

The need for qualified Elite Protection Operatives capable of providing services related to the protection of assets (sensitive installations) and Protegees /VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, UN employees and even cargo ship’s crews has increased tremendously.

A few hundred years ago in the western world there were those who chose to serve in the protection of their employers, and they were called “Musketeers.” In Asia, they were known as “Samurai” or “Biaushi” in China. No matter what they were called, all knew the definition of their profession and their duties: to keep their Protégé’s secure and safe wherever they went.

Today, due to the high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government to the civilian workforce, this specialized field of Personal protection services has become one of the fastest growing sectors. Countries, companies, and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field.

This sector gave society a few norms of behavior that gained high respect and honor from its communities.

In the 21st century, those who deal with the protection of their employers are called BodyguardsClose Protection Operatives, and VIP/Executive Protection Specialists. More recently, they have been called PSD Operators and Personal Security Details/Detachments because of their deployment in High-risk zones or missions, which have become known as the most dangerous areas for VIPs (not necessary heads of state).

For years, we have experienced an increase in the number of Female Bodyguards. Women in positions of Female VIP/Close Protection operatives are being sought after by VIPs to protect their families (wives and children) 24/7, including themselves in High-Risk threat situations.

Female celebrities are very keen on the use of other females as bodyguards, as it is also a means of expressing their support of women’s empowerment. Especially due do to the fact that the VIP Protection sector has been a male-dominated field, there is a void posed by the absence of women in the field from which female clients can pick from.

Most VIP’s that are from various religions including cultural and diverse nationalities, are requiring female professionals for the protection of their wives and families.

Male bodyguards in a protection team consider their female counterparts as the ‘Secret Weapon’ of the strategic and tactical professional protection team!

In Israel we achieved great success in the integration of Female and male operatives to operate together in our law enforcement units for security and protection special operation missions. that “winning expertise” encouraged us at ISA – ISRAEL to share it also with our mates worldwide as we did in the past.

These specially trained and highly skilled personnel are hired to protect individuals or assets of organizations that operate in High-Risk environments like Africa, and South America and ….

Many romantic stories and legends were told about these unique individuals and in most of these stories they were described as the bravest of warriors, heroes, or supermen. This profession created an aura around those who chose to specialize and live by the rules of the field. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.

In order for this trend to continue and to help the Civilian Security Industry to develop, we, the Security Executives in the various Private Sectors, must also improve ourselves and accumulate as much knowledge and practical experience as possible.

WE, at ISA-ISRAEL, have trained in the last 35 years thousands of Elite Protection operatives and Management personnel from more than 100 countries.

The objective of the International Security Academy – Israel, which holds professional and business relationships with many colleagues around the world), is to share the knowledge and practical experience which has been accumulated by both Israelis and colleagues throughout the world, thus contributing to the development of the international economy by assisting to the prevention of Crime and Terror throughout the world.

“This is not merely an idea,
It’s the reality of the social and Global evolution.”

Salary level expected for Elite Protection Personnel:

Factors for calculation:

Average hours of work, Holidays, living conditions and the Country. expected payments: In HK almost 140k = Annually long hours short vacations, Middle East – good living conditions, long hours – average earrings 100k yearly, Central Europe, 50k – 80k, etc.



As a part of the 35th Anniversary of ISA – ISRAEL, the group’s management decided to contribute to the whole domain by encouraging women & men to enter this unique and important field and by exposing the planned activities to the entire Globe population.

DATES & COSTS will be published 6 months prior to start STAGE 1

Train and Gain

The ultimate Competitive Qualification Quest

The competitive training qualification quest is an “out of the box” innovation that will not only train to be the best in the field of being an ELITE Protection Operative but will also give a reward for their challenging work.

Candidates from different countries will get the chance to train together. This will offer an interesting perspective, and a chance for cultural exchange and needed networking!

ISA – ISRAEL management and its multinational instruction teams have completed and established the necessary arrangements, professional requirements, evaluation methods, programs and training facilities needed for a successful execution of a unique Competitive Qualification Quest.

CEOs of Security companies worldwide are advised to join the initiative by encouraging capable Female & Male Protection Operatives from their company to join the Elite Protection Qualification Quest, which will run by ISA – ISRAEL Instruction team.

We promise! That will assist their companies to reach a respected position in the local and international markets.

A Unique Documentary TV Production

Will broadcast on its WEB TV channel.
Various Media production agencies will be offered
to execute that unique and special TV production for their countries.

Men & Female

In the 21st Century

“This is not merely an idea,
It’s the reality of the social and global evolution.”

By broadcasting this documentary worldwide, we:

  1. We will create an alternative, original documentary and even entertaining TV Show that will focus on local and international security issues from all over the globe.
  2. “Open a window” for the entire community to catch a glimpse of a domain that is usually shrouded in mystery and secrecy.
  3. Expose and familiarization to the audience with specific qualities demanded from these anonymous “Modern Samurai” such as mental and physical toughness and many more other human qualities.
  4. Develop awareness, understanding, and recognition for the contribution and vitality of ELITE protection operatives active in classic Personal protection in general. Also, to those ELITE protection operatives active in high-risk protection, in the struggle against violent crime and terrorism throughout the world.
  5. Encourage professionalism and highly qualified ELITE protection operatives to become more involved and influential in the protection field in their own areas.
  6. Share with colleagues of their own country a unique professional pro-active methodology and an Israeli-style expertise directly from the world’s homeland security Qualification laboratory.
  7. Encourage the audience to improve and enhance their mental and physical abilities for better skilled functioning, and more expertise in coping with situations that may result from acts of violent crime and terrorism nationwide.
  8. Spark the audience’s feelings of national pride and build up more respect within the countries’ populations in order to support the contestant’s activities in taking part for the quest of excellence and professionalism, in an entertaining and positive way.
  9. Develop an international infrastructure and system that will continue to conduct this worldwide competition every year.
  10. Establish & operate the future ATHENA’s future 1st International Women agencies network will elect the best 10 candidates to become the most recommended staff for immediate deployment.

Who should Participate?

If you do want to be the today’s “Modern Samurai”?

If your answer is yes and you are a Male or A Female between the ages of 21-50, with any prior experience in security you are welcome to join us to become the today’s best qualified and successful “Modern Samurai”.

It is important to understand that being a “Modern Samurai” does not mean you should look, behave or live like “Rambo”. This is a preconceived stigma that overlooks quality vs quantity. A “Modern Samurai” possesses the qualities of intelligence along with good physical and mental strength, and no prior criminal history. The most qualified will be awarded for his/her achievements, so join us now if you think you can handle the challenge.

Requirements for participation in the Preparatory of that unique qualification quest:

1. Each individual participant must present a health certificate, stating their physical and mental fitness.

2. All participants must be individually covered by their own medical insurance for the entire duration of their participation, throughout all the activities (emergency medical services will be always available).

Requirements for participation in the stage 1,2,3 of that unique qualification quest:

3. Each individual participant that wishes to join must present his country’s local criminal background check, certifying that he has no criminal record.

The Method


  1. Each candidate will have to pass each of the stages 1, 2, 3 in his own convenient timing and will be evaluated.
  2. The participants will be charged a training fee for each stage, this is in order to attract participants and their sponsors to be truly motivated to be a part of this competitive qualification quest.
  3. Each week of each stage, the Evaluators will elect the candidates to be chosen the Best trainee of the week and each Stage and of course during the entire Qualification Quest period with its 3 stages.
  4. The trainees will be certified for each stage that they will pass successfully!The Best trainee of each stage will gain the participation in the
    next training stage program for FREE!

No one of the trainees will be stopped from continuing to reach
his opportunity to be the Best, except of discipline reasons!!!!


The competitive training evaluation standards and system will be determined by:

  • The training group members will evaluate each other with an overall weight of 20%.
  • The ISA -Israel Instruction team including the ISA’s certified foreign Instructors an overall weight of 30%.
  • Team of renowned Senior Protection Experts from the countries where the production will be taking place.
  • CEOs of leading Protection companies/Organizations from country where the production is taking place. These experts will evaluate with an overall weight of 20%.
  • Celebrities that often use VIP protection services and will be involved in special practical drills will be part of the evaluation process with an overall weight of 10%.
  • TV audience will vote their evaluations via SMS for the candidates-team at the end of each stage with an overall weight of 20%.

Qualities and qualifications to be tested by the evaluators:

  • Emotional stability
  • Reliability and loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Initiative
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Determination
  • Self confidence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Courage
  • Resistance and ability to function under pressure.
  • Self-discipline
  • Physical fitness
  • Coordination
  • Decent and representative appearance
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Controlled aggressiveness
  • Use of weapon
  • Combat shooting
  • Combat spirit
  • Unarmed protection methods
  • Order and discipline
  • Tactical reasoning
  • Modesty and Leadership abilities
  • Physical fitness
  • Coordination
  • Decent and representative appearance
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Controlled aggressiveness
  • Use of weapon
  • Combat shooting
  • Combat spirit
  • Unarmed protection methods
  • Order and discipline
  • Tactical reasoning
  • Modesty and Leadership abilities