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Security Industry Forum 2018


The MISSION is to establish an International platform for better “networking”, assisting to set up operational ties amongst professional and well-qualified Security & Protection Service Providers (firms & individuals) from various countries and nationalities that will allow them to provide the needed secure and safe conditions for their clientele – various local and international economic organizations to operate and develop their various domains in important and developing markets.

This will assist in bringing economic prosperity and development worldwide that may reduce the various conflicts of the 21st Century.


The impacts of the “Democratic Revolt in the Arab World” on the International Economy in General and on the European Economy in particular.

“The Democratic Revolt in the Arab World” that was a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests (both non-violent and violent), riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 17 December 2010 in Tunisia with the Tunisian Revolution, and spread throughout the countries of the Arab League and its surroundings. Major insurgencies in Syria, Libya, and Yemen resulted along with civil uprisings in Egypt and Bahrain, large street demonstrations in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Oman, and minor protests even in Saudi Arabia, will initially present countless difficulties for the population of the various countries that are undergoing governmental changes and dramatic conflicts such as in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Africa.  Consequentially, it will negatively affect western countries, as was seen in the collapse of the Berlin Wall in Germany, and the revolutionary process that accompanied the Perestroika and Glasnost in the USSR and their close neighbor.

The public unrest and personal security of locals and visitors from abroad will not be similar to the past. Essentially, it will be less safe for everyone to live or visit these “revolutionary” countries.

Recent events teaches us that in the near future there will be an increased need for the security of assets and the activity of individuals or delegations  from the West in dealing with various economic and industrial branches.  Many of the “revolutionary” or high risk countries contain economic and natural resources which fulfill the needs of many other countries inhabitants.  These resources need to remain protected and accessible.

With terrorists, separatists, fundamentalists, and criminals trying to capitalize on the advancement of growing nations, there is a continuation to strive in achieving economic development through foreign investments.  On the other hand, there continues to be a significant lack of sufficiently secure and safe conditions which prevents and even jeopardizes economic developments and corporate expansion. Currently, even sports events have become security risks requiring professional protection.

With this increase in the amount and scope of threats, businesses and public, State or other bodies realize that now the job of the Protection consultant/adviser is crucial for the success of any organization.

ISA Assembly Switzerland 1

There is a steadily increasing need for services related to the protection of assets and VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, people with sensitive knowledge, and facilities holding sensitive or valuable materials and assets. Countries, companies and organizations worldwide are currently re-establishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field. With the restructuring of business and government policy to fit the modern, globalized international environment, the threats of both crime and terrorism have followed suit and have also become globalized.

I am certain that you like colleagues from other countries, witness and maybe even take part in the special process that is occurring in many countries. There is a growing tendency for the authorities to transfer public security missions traditionally held by law enforcement to private security companies/organizations, endowing them with the responsibility for the public’s safety now more than ever before.

Today companies and government agencies will only make decisions and choices of action after consulting their security professionals and including them in all steps of the decision making process. This is especially true for operations and interactions in areas which are regarded as ‘High-Risk’ zones.

Even throughout the Muslim and Arab world, many leaders and businessmen are living under the shadow of fear and terror. Now they are recognizing that the extortion and violence which emanates from those terrorist groups who had been tolerated build the basis for attacking other nations, is also turning very fast against themselves and against their own people.

Security therefore, has taken the forefront in international, governmental and corporate strategies and the need for qualified Protection Consultants, Advisers and Specialists is paramount. Both governments and private companies are developing methods and tactics to stay one step ahead of these threats and the role of these professionals is the key to success in doing so.


In order for this trend to continue and to help the Civilian Security Industry to develop, we, the Security Executives in the various Security and Protection sectors, must also improve ourselves and accumulate as much know-how, practical experience and FUNCTIONAL CAPACITIES to continue giving to our Protégées reliable, efficient and professional security services also BEYOND the boundaries of their home region or country.

ISA Assembly Switzerland 2


Security & Protection services providers from:



To obtain these objectives we have freed ourselves from all possible barriers, such as Religion, Language, Political Conflicts, etc. and wish for all participants to not bring such issues to the table in the interest of the security of the world as a whole.


The innovation and the organization of the International platform is a part of the activities of the International Security Academy – Israel, an Israeli Swiss Academic & Practical Security qualification institute for Elite protection personnel and Management from the governmental and civilian sectors worldwide that was founded in 1987 by Mr. Mirza David together with a group of senior Israeli security experts from the finest Israeli Security establishments.

ISA – ISRAEL holds professional and business relationships with many colleagues around the world in order to share the know-how and practical experience which has been accumulated by both Israelis and colleagues throughout the world, thus contributing to the development of the International economy and by that to mitigate and overcome the violent Crime and Terror throughout the world.

ISA Assembly Switzerland 3



1. The International Platform/Network will assist the ties amongst professional and well-qualified individu-als with Security & Protection Service Providers firms and by that will improve the employment opportunities, service quality and efficiency of the sector’s members.

2. The innovation to establish such an international Platform/Network is due to the understanding of the difficulty in activating protection services from one country to another. It is unprofessional, inefficient and unreliable to persuade a client that the service is not hurt by setbacks such as:

     a. Lack of sufficient means or weapons required for the protection due to local rules and regulations.
     b.Various limitations, social norms and other reasons that prevent the efficient function of a protection team transiting from one country to another.

3.The international infrastructure and its mode of networking should guarantee professional, efficient and effective protection services worldwide, thus improving the credibility and status of this unique secu-rity branch.

4. This international infrastructure mode of networking could prove to be very economical because in each country, the local professional protection team could provide the required services, thus signifi-cantly minimizing the need to “import” Expensive protection teams to and from different countries.

5. The difficulties that arise, such as language, laws, rules & regulations, knowing the surroundings and the need for assistance from professional work contacts (at times from the authorities) are all resolved within the international infrastructure and its activities.

ISA Assembly Switzerland 4


Important note:

The Forum / Assembly will not act as an international platform for Professional lecturers that will “bombard” us with their teaching lectures about any Security issues!


1. We (the organizers) will invite Civilian security services providers (firms & individuals) from all countries of the world to take part in the Assembly, Assuring minimum of 1 partici-pant from each world’s countries.

2. With the registration and administrative arrangements of the candidates to join the Assembly, wwe will encourage the participants to deliver to the organizers of the event promotion materials to provide it to all the expected participants on the day of arrival.

3. All details of a registered participant will be published on the organizers website (upon request) in order to attract others to start the “”FUNCTIONAL NETWORKING” process.

4. Interested participants will be able to provide their firm “presentation video” to be screened on the internal CCTV system of the event and also on the WEB TV channel of ISA – ISRAEL (the organizer) 90 days prior to the event and until 90 days after the event.

5. During the Summit days, we will encourage Civilian security service providers from all continents to present “an introduction presentation” that will familiarize all the participants with his organizations capacity to provide various security services in his area/ country of operation.

6. These presentations will be broadcasted “live” worldwide.

7. The organizers will be at the participant’s disposal in order to organize business meetings amongst the participants by requests made prior or during the Assembly.

8. The Assembly organizers will include in the event’s program 2 days of exploring several relevant sites within the natural beauty of Switzerland, that could assist the participants in their future international business activities.

9. All the known International business Media agencies will be informed and invited to cover the Assembly.This will provide international exposure for participating security service providers therefore creating awareness worldwide.

10. The event summary will be our “in lighting” guides for the future planned annual event in Switzerland and in other countries with the aim of improving the “FUNCTIONAL NETWORKING PLATFORM”.

ISA Assembly Switzerland 5

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  • October 9, 2017

    21 responses on "Security Industry Forum 2018"

    1. This is a well thought and a brilliant idea. We shall definitely take part in this assembly.
      Kindly sent me the requirements to participate.

    2. Thank you for your support , soon we will add all the needed administrative details

    3. Excelente esperare toda la informacion gracias.

    4. Hello mates, how is all, and what you wish for to say on the topic of
      this post, in my view its actually amazing for me.

    5. I’am in, just give me the date as soon as possible, so I can steer clear of any work tasks.

    6. Great ideas by all standards and worth commending. It will be an experience to gain more knowledge and a form of socializing colleagues in the security fraternity all over the world to Network in uniformity against crime but i hope there would be some flexible arrangement for us from West Africa to be able to attend the Summit. I need more info.

    7. Je ne comprends pas bien..
      SVP donnez moi plus d’info sur ce que vous proposez et sur ce que je dois faire.
      Merci..Toda raba

    8. RPor favor, enviei-me os requisitos para participar

    9. At first Thank you for your support and attention, its really a good,great and brilliant idea .
      I would like to take part in this assembly, will be so proud to share a lot with this .

    10. This is briliant and very important part. We give support from Balkan.

    11. I will like to be part of this assembly.

    12. Shalom/Greetings/Goeie Dag!!!!!

      Why not come to sunny South Africa to give Training ?

      Kind Regards,


    13. Sounds good, pls informe me about the final add. details, we will def. attend.

    14. I had just finished my last class for the Certificate in Security Management at the American Military University two weeks ago, the class was SCMT374 – Contemporary Issues in Security Management. Everything issue listed for this ‘Forum,’ from the growth of Al-Qaeda / ISIS in the Middle-East and Africa in the last fifteen years alone, Business “globalization” and the need for ‘better security’ plans, Public and Private partnerships as evidenced of the growth of Private Military Contractors and Private Security Contractors in the “conflict zones,” among other things, are a concern for everyone today – not to mention North Korean threat. I sure would like to be a part of it, work permitting, just to be in Switzerland again.

    15. Dr Vugar Huseynov MD, PhDSeptember 14, 2017 at 6:08 pmReply

      Great news! I would be honored to attend in this training, Good luck!

    16. A very good morning. This is great considering the emerging trends in my country ( Nigeria). I need further details as I would like to attend.

    17. acid international llcOctober 16, 2017 at 9:30 amReply

      Great, as a Swiss (Eidgenosse) i appreciate the deep and good work together in Switzerland.
      let me know, how i can attend.


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