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IPT – INTEGRATED PROTECTION TEAMS – Multinational Protection Specialist’s Network

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The 1st Global Co-operative of
Security & Protection enterprises

GLOBAL security solutions BEYOND the boundaries of the home region or country!!!

  • To establish and operate an International platform that will upgrade the accessibility of anybody anywhere to hire personal protection services and other various required security related services.

  • To enhance the mode of operation, the functional capacities and the efficiency of the entire Global Civil Security industry in general and of each security & protection service provider.



Pragmatism considers words and thought as tools and instruments for prediction, problem solving and action.


Although an undeniably positive evolution, globalization has also had its negative impact on all areas of life, more specifically concerning both personal safety and the protection of investments located in critical areas around the globe.

A significant lack of sufficiently secure and safe conditions prevents and even jeopardizes economic development and corporate expansion, nowadays even sports events have become “high-risk” operations!

There is a steady increasing need for qualified Protection Specialists capable of providing services related to the protection of assets, transport, and public events, VIPs, Celebrities and other possible “Protectees” such as experts, engineers, journalists, medics and even UN employees.

Since the end of the  20th Century, we experience a growing tendency by official authorities to involve and transfer more responsibilities for public security missions to the Civilian Security Industry (security companies / organizations), responsibilities traditionally held in the past by law enforcement sectors or various emergency service’s providers.

The Corona Virus pandemic and the resultant dramatic economic crisis have created a new extreme difficult reality such as: various violent crimes, robberies in public or in private environments and mass looting.

These responsibilities will involve the Civilian Security Industry also in very challenging operations such as: Violent crime prevention and confrontations with armed robberies encounters and its possible effects later on.



Europe lacks the right attitude and awareness of the necessary required protection/ security measures. This has not only created an unsafe overall atmosphere, but also unsafe conditions for the business activities of entrepreneurs thus negatively impacting business development.

These miserable security conditions or the lack of security, drastically slow down and prevent the necessary presence of European entrepreneurs to pursue their business affairs, to seek development and expansion. Whether in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, CIS or Latin America and to work even in northern Africa, which traditionally used to be a European oriented economy.

Europe’s economic capacity is very high. However, in the present decade Europe faced a huge increase of immigration and dramatic demographic changes. These changes are continuing over all the world’s countries and particularly over Europe and as a result the European countries have an urgent need for new economic resources, activities and market development ventures . A fact that forces all state economy leaders to look and search for such economic opportunities overseas from developing markets/economies ASAP.

Security, therefore, has taken the forefront
in International, Governmental and Corporate strategies

Due to the expected high demand and need to privatize certain functions of government, it may initiate a major transformation in the civilian Security Industry.

This trend follows various regulatory requirements and upgrades by the government’s desire for a more efficient security apparatus and safer public environment.

Many countries worldwide are entering a process of upgrading their professional security requirements and will no doubt review their regulations, implement and enforce the security studies in various levels as a mandatory requirement for the security posts in different organizations and companies.


  • The Innovators of the start-up Co-operative network aim to provide the needed UNIQUE FUNCTIONAL PLATFORM by linking registered/autorized and certified Security firms and individual security experts from various countries worldwide that will provide security and related services to the entire world security customers in need as an economically profitable innovation for its members.
  • That Global innovation startup bases also on the large security specialist’s network of graduates of the known International Security Academy – Israel, which holds professional and business relationships with many colleagues around the world.
  • Since its foundation in 1987, the ISA-ISRAEL instruction team trained and qualified more than 26500 Elite protection personnel and management from the governmental and civilian sectors from more than 100 countries.
  • That cadre of the Co-operative/Network is trained, qualified, motivated, local patriots and approved with high clarence approval from their countries authorities before getting the Israeli security qualification standards.


  • The Network was established due to the understanding that it is very difficult to acquire protection services from one country to another. It is unprofessional, inefficient and unreliable to persuade a client that the service is not hurt by setbacks such as:
  • Lack of sufficient means or weapons required for the protection due to local rules and regulations.
  • Various limitations, social norms and other reasons that prevent the efficient function of a protection team transiting from one country to another.
  • Unnecessary expenses for flying in and flying back foreign protection teams.
  • The Network’s mode of operation guarantees professional, efficient and effective Protection Services worldwide, thus improving the credibility and status of this unique security branch.
  • The structure of this Network is very economical because in each country the required services can be provided by a local professional protection team, thus significantly minimizing the need to “import” expensive protection teams to and from different countries.
  • The difficulties that arise, such as language, knowing the surroundings and the need for assistance from professional working connections (at times also from the authorities) are all resolved within the Network and its activities.
  • The Network operates and integrates ultimate Israeli tracking technology with emergency response by Elite protection personnel trained and qualified for versatile security, protection and safety related issues that may occur in our Modern 21st century reality.
  • The entire Network operations are controlled and supervised 24/7 by an Israeli designed Technological tracking system for the Network centers in various countries worldwide protecting the Protégés since they leave their “comfort and protected zone”.


  • Provision of “light”, short term Protection services for Protégés and/or their families covering both routine and emergency situations.
  • Setting up Comprehensive Protection Systems for various assets by:
  • Operating a security survey and risk analysis.
  • Development of Protection concepts.
  • Design of operational and emergency procedures.
  • Design of security engineering.
  • Training personnel.
  • Providing trained, qualified and certified protection personnel and management for DIRECT EMPLOYMENT by the client.
  • Setting up and provision of Protection arrays for Protégés and/or their families covering both routine and emergency situations.
  • Coordinating Special Protection tasks (Maritime, Aviation, land transportation).
  • Information, Data, Intelligence & Knowledge Gathering and Protection
    Design of Protection systems and procedures for the prevention of Cyber Terrorism, Business Espionage, Theft & Sabotage threats. Ensuring the Optimal organization’s assets security.



  • Only authorized security firms and individuals experts are entitled to become IPT Security service provider in the Network.
  • An authorized security firm or individuals experts, that wishes to join IPT Network and to be defined, authorized , activated, equipped,  promoted and published  as IPT Security service provider is obliged to fulfill the Network requirement for certification and approval as an active Member and IPT Security service provider.
  • Only vetted, trained, qualified and certified Security related experts or security practitioners operatives are entitled to become IPT Members of the Network.
  • In order to secure professional standards and efficient services, all members of the Network have agreed that the authorization to bear the Network’s name (special identification card) is conditioned by the compliance with the rules and regulations, thus preventing any damage to the Network or to the services it gives.
  • All Members of the Network render their services to clients within their home region or country, but the day-to-day contact between the members worldwide and their colleagues provides a platform for each member to continue giving reliable, efficient and professional services also MAINLY BEYOND the boundaries of their home region or country.
  • The rules or regulations do not limit the working ability or business maneuvering of its various members; on the contrary, they are designed to ensure a high professional level of all the IPT Security service provider who work for the encouragement and development of the Protection service Field throughout the world.
  • The International Headquarters of the Network are located in Germany and in additional various countries  to keep daily contact with the active IPT Security service providers and their potential Protection Service Clientele in the various countries worldwide.
  • The International Headquarters of the Network are active in promoting the Network’s services and in familiarizing the potential clientele with the Network’s professional capacity.
  • The International Headquarters of the Network are active 24/7 to provide high level customer service in various languages and with the intention to direct them to active IPT Security service providers of the Network’s for any of the needed security services.
  • The Network remains neutral in conveying the various requirements and demands of customers or to IPT Security service providers in each country where the services are rendered.
  • The Network guarantees a high and professional level of qualification to its customers or to IPT Security service providers.
  • Positive or negative feedback regarding the functioning of various IPT Security service providers in their customer’s service will be published on the OPERATION APPLICATION that operates all Network customers and IPT Security service providers.


  • In order to secure professional standards and efficient services, all members of the Network have agreed that the authorization to bear the Network’s name (special identification card) is conditioned by the compliance with the rules and regulations, thus preventing any damage to the Network or to the services it gives.
  • Positive or negative feedback regarding the functioning of various members in their customer service will be supplied to all Network members.


Executive Protection service provision centers



“A co-operative is a group of people acting together to meet
the common needs and aspirations of its members”



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March 26, 2020

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