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A specialized course designed to enhance and upgrade the methods, Tactics and Leadership skills needed to be used by Elite Protection Personnel from the Governmental & Civilian sectors while Leading   High Risk  Protection TEAM missions.

Trainee’s achievements

  • Understanding the fundamentals of a protection team, in a manner that emphasizes team integration, cooperation and communication elements of a VIP protective mission.
  • The ability to plan the safe arrival and departure of a VIP within the context of a VIP Protection Team mission.
  • Understanding how to relay accurate information, such as descriptions and directions, to others in a protective service team.
  • The ability to build effective professional relationships with the police, security personnel, the public, businesses and employees within their field of operation.
  • The ability to undertake field operations involving vehicle and pedestrian movement, command center operation and static post assignments.
  • Awareness of technical capabilities such as surveillance, detection and alarm equipment.
  • Thorough understanding of how these mechanical and electronic assets can be integrated into Protection Team operations.
  • Understanding the importance of proper staffing, the assignment of protective services and other security personnel as it relates to the protection of the VIP.
  • Understanding of the ability to execute the necessary maintenance procedures of secured areas over extended periods where the VIP remains static.
  • Understanding of the value of such relationships in terms of enhancing service to the client, as well as increased safety for the client and others assigned to the mission.
  • The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capability and operational fitness of those who work or intend to work as High Risk Protection Operatives.
  • Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of attack strategies encountered during High Risk Zone operations.
  • Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
  • Knowledge of the basic information necessary to integrate all elements of High Risk protective missions into a working field operation.
  • Understand and practice convoy formations and vehicular movement, tactics and strategies.
  • Exposure to the Arab/Islamic culture, its social habits, the religion, the language, and the rituals.

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Course Code Duration Start Date End Date Price Location
TO 1 Week 11.6.2017 17.6.2017 €1699 ISRAEL
TO 1 Week 11.2017 11.2017 €- ISRAEL