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, once again, raises awareness to a new international trend in the Global security industry. We decided to approach colleagues worldwide with a special offer, which may interest you as a very good business opportunity. 

ISA - ISRAEL will train and certify YOU as a Protection & Counter Terrorism Instructor,

YOU will train and prepare your entire community to cope better with crime & terrorism!

 We have all witnessed and experienced  the impacts of globalization on all fields of life. 

This “Globalization syndrome” has also affected the International security industry; 10 years ago we would not have imagined that Russian or Eastern protection operatives would be employed by Western Customers for their protection or for the protection of their economic interests.

The Globalization process has also brought new standards and professional requirements for licensing or certification of protection operatives that as a fact are operating internationally in many countries and even must be tied to Bilateral professional certification agreements.


ISA – ISRAEL, which has been focusing on the instruction and qualification of Elite protection personnel and Management since 1987, is accredited by the State Authorities (with bilateral agreements) to qualify and certify their own natives in the large field of Protection & Counter Terrorism.

ISA-ISRAEL runs Multinational participation courses to fit the required INTERNATIONAL standards for Elite Protection operatives, Team leaders, Management and Instructors.

The ISA instruction objective since 1987 was to enable each and every one of our trainees to continue giving reliable, efficient and professional services to their clients, mainly beyond the boundaries of their own region or country.


I.S.A. – ISRAEL , which has dealt since 1987 with security training and has trained more than 15,900 security personnel and managers worldwide, including many Muslims and Arabs, has decided to take action and invited our Graduates and other candidates from various countries to a special qualification and certification process, which will enable them to become International Instructors for the Global Security industry.

We believe that in doing so; we will contribute to the decrease in fear and anxiety that arises among civilians in most of the European countries, mainly due to the lack of sufficient knowledge and information in dealing with this continuing extremism of the radical Islamic minority.



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