If you want to be considered the BEST, You should train with the BEST !
Avatar Name Position
Mr.Mirza David Founder & CEO,
Former senior commander at the Israeli Security establishments. In 1987 founded the International Security Academy – ISRAEL
Mr. Nir David


Mental & physical empowerment expert Special Counter Terrorism operations experience.

Mr. Doron Rubin

Chairman - Leadership & Security Management Faculty of ISA - ISRAEL

(Major General (Ret)
Former Chief of the IDF training Command, Responsible for the entire IDF in-depth preparation.
   Mr. GidiNetzer  

PhDSenior lecturer - Leadership & Security Management Faculty of ISA - ISRAEL

International Expert in Counter Terrorism, Middle East and borders Conflicts crisis Management. 32 Years work with national and international Security issues, specialising in global- counter- terrorism. His activities, are with government and Military institutes (U.S, NATO,EU). Involved with anti-terrorism and anti-guerilla programs pertaining to: Sahel , Horn of Africa, Maghreb, Central Asia, Western Asia and EU. 
  Mr. Dar Peleg

Mr. Dar Peleg - PhD candidate in psychology and an M.A. graduate in Law.

Psychological Profiling expert & Investigative Psychologist.

Former Head & commanding officer in the Israel's Police Investigative Psychology section.

Senior Instructor – operative field profiling and investigative psychology applications including terrorists profiling &predictive behavior at the Israeli Police Force.

Verbal & non-verbal behavioral analysis expert, Cognitive Interview & Credibility assessment specialist.

Mr. Uri Dorchin

Senior lecturer at Leadership & Security Management Faculty PhD in Anthropology from Ben Gurion University in Israel. Research cultural change in the global era and the cultural infrastructure of terror.

Title for talk: "Understanding Terror from Within: Applying Anthropological Knowledge to Challenge Security Threats"

Mr. Zehev Menkes

Senior lecturer -  Leadership & Security Management Faculty of ISA - ISRAEL

Brigadier General (Ret)
Information Security Former senior director at the Israeli Security Agency.
Mr. Pazi Zafrir

Chief Instructor - VIP Protection domain

Colonel (Ret)
VIP Protection expert former senior director and chief instruction of the Israeli Security Agency and its VIP Protection/Dignitary unit.
Mr. Samuel Bashan

Chief Instructor - Anti Sabotage  domain

Colonel (Ret)
Anti Sabotage expert Former senior director at the Israeli Security Agency
Mr. Ehod Dvir (Udi)

Senior Instructor - Maritime Protection  domain

Colonel (Ret.)
Senior Officer at the Israeli Navy (IDF) Maritime Security Specialist, World Wide Experience In Shore Protection, Ports & Ships Security.
Mr. Zeev Yanovsky (Longo)

Senior Instructor - Maritime Protection  domain

Colonel (Ret.)
Former senior Officer at the Israeli Defense Force / Navy (IDF) Former Commander of the major Israeli Navy port.
Mrs. Galit Ben Israel (Fixer)

Senior lecturer -  Leadership & Security Management Faculty of ISA - ISRAEL

Ph.D. - Terrorism Analyst & Senior (Adjunct) Lecturer Decision-making Expert, Training & Consulting

Mr. Danny Berkoviz Lt. Col (Ret)

Senior Instructor - Intelligence Protection  domain

Mr. Asher Ben Artzi Chief Superintendent (Ret.)

Former director of the "INTERPOL" at the Israeli National Police.
Research Associate of the ICT, Institute for Counter Terrorism - Senior lecturer.
Coordinator of ISA - ISRAEL in Cyprus.

Mr. Udi Aloni Advocate
Chief of legal department
Emmanuel Olande   Coordinator of ISA - ISRAEL in KENYA
Mr. Robert Valdec Journalist specialized in the Security domain since 25 years & ISA - ISRAEL coordinator For Former Yugoslavia countries.

Web Administrator

In last 10 years (from 2005) he practice in online field as Web Administrator, Blogger, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and from 5 years expanding his operations with services like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and copywriting.


Avatar Name Position
Mr. Andrew Reichmut Senior lecturer - VIP Protection International operations 
Major - Security analist (Swiss)
Mr.Jose Felix Ramaho Blanco(Joselito) Certified by ISA - ISRAEL as
Protection & Counter Terrorism Instructor  in Honduras 
Alin TOD Atodiresei Private Investigator
(Spanish Lic.no. 2685), Criminologist, Author (Spain) Certified by ISA - ISRAEL as
Protection & Counter Terrorism Instructor in Spain
Mr. Antti Kutila(Kuti) Certified by ISA - ISRAEL as
Protection & Counter Terrorism Instructor in Finland

Adrian Wenger(Weni)  Certified by ISA - ISRAEL as
Protection & Counter Terrorism Instructor in Switzerland