How to Mitigate and Overcome Violent Crime & Terrorism Threats

The Israeli Approach to Cope Better with Homeland Security issues

During the years 2001-2004 Israel faced a dramatic increase in suicide terror attacks in public areas (as many as 10-12 events monthly). Since 2005 there has been a massive reduction on such terrorism on the streets of Israel and its roots have been mitigated and rolled back on a very large scale. Let us examine how Israel has managed to cope with and counter this terrible threat, while focusing on one of the main key factors in this fight; the role of the civilian population itself in the greater security system.

Among the reasons for Israel’s tremendous ability to cope with such daily threats we can identify four main traits which have strengthened our resilience in the face of the unrelenting terror and violence that has plagued us for so long.

First, is the presence of a strong leadership which has shown in the past that it can put aside differences to steer the nation and give them strength when the security of the nation as a whole is at risk.

Second, the Israeli homeland security apparatus (Police, Military and other Security Services) are well trained and well equipped to quickly and effectively deal with contemporary threats.

Third, is the presence of an extremely involved and dynamic private security sector that fills in the gaps where the government cannot and which contributes to completing a solid and steady line against threats to the Israeli public.

The fourth factor is the civilian population itself. Israeli citizens have all completed a compulsory military service which has enhanced their level of preparedness and aided in quick and effective responses to acts of violence.  As a result, this has maximized their effect, aiding in recovery afterwards and even contributing to outright prevention. Their support for the leadership's solutions enabled us all to find the strength to withstand and overcome terrorism and violence at its worst.

Israel’s secret weapon has been, and always will be, The Human Factor, or, more precisely, the education, training and preparedness of Israelis which have time and again defeated terrorism and violence, and have helped and will continue to help bring true peace to the region.


My dear friends, hope and faith is very soothing in the face of crisis but the real and only effective solution to defeat terrorism, violent crime and the general lack of safety is for all of you, from every level of society, to support your leaders and law enforcement agencies and take action by discovering your own inner strength and physical abilities and putting them to use in the struggle against the “evils” that try to terrorize your lives daily.


ISA – ISRAEL will collaborate with capable firms or individuals that are keen and motivated to upgrade their operational capacities and to cope better with violent crime or terrorism attacks in their own country. We need local partners to provide the legal and administrative conditions to share the Israeli expertise with various sectors. ISA – ISRAEL will provide the expertize with its Mobile Instruction Team for one training event or long term training system. Please do not hesitate to approach us in any language and provide us the relevant details for collaboration, as well as a short introduction and bio.